Students Denied Access to Vehicles During Advisory

Students here at North Lakes Academy Upper school are upset because they are no longer able to walk out to their cars during school hours. They feel that they should be granted the freedom if they need to grab something such as sporting attire, lunch boxes, ect. The question that everyone is asking is why aren’t students allowed to go out to their cars?

According to Cam Stottler, the new rule was put in place because…

“We expect students to come to school prepared for the day, we ask that no students leave the building to access vehicles for forgotten assignments, lunches, or anything else they may need.  Two main reasons – one, we expect and encourage students to come prepared for the whole day.  Two, we feel allowing students to go to their vehicles requires supervision and is a gray area that we are not willing to take on with our current structure.”

Some students find that not being able to go out to their vehicles during advisory to grab certain accessories or items is unfair and shows that teachers and staff don’t trust the student body.

The reason that students aren’t allowed to go to their vehicle may be reasonable in some ways, such as it teaches students to be more responsible. It teaches them not to forget things they need and it prepares them for their future. However the topic is touchy, because there are also legitimate reasons for students to be able access their vehicles during lunch. Although the issue is still hot in the school, it has been determined that students won’t be able to access there vehicles during advisory without punishment. 





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