The Countdown to Summer

Here at North Lakes Academy Upper School, the excitement for summer is growing tremendously. For students and teachers here at NLA, the countdown has begun! Now that all the snow has finally melted and the temperatures have been above freezing, students and staff have started to bring out the Spring/Summer clothes.

In the 2013-2014 school year there’s only thirty days left of school. Yes, that may seem like a lot, but May Term is included in those days! We have ten A days and ten B days left, but for the students in biology classes, who will be  going to Audubon, it’s even less. The even better news is May Term is only twenty days away for students.

“I honestly want school to be over for this year because I’m looking forward to sleeping in and not having every day be busy with something.” Naomi Scott said, wishing for summer to come quickly.

However the warm weather could come with some consequences. Since the weather has been nicer students have been focusing more on enjoying the weather outside rather than their homework. According to some teachers, since the weather has gotten nicer students have turned in less homework and their grades have begun to slip.

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