The Italian Dinner

On March 28th on Friday night, North Lakes Academy held it’s annual Italian Dinner. Students did many different types of performances to raise money for the school at the dinner. There was singing to playing guitar and there was also a variety of raffle baskets. The dinner took place at the Lower School in the gymnasium, and the raffle baskets were in the cafeteria area located right outside the gym.

Freshman students from Civic’s classes arrived at the middle school early for service hours to help set up. They put up and decorated tables for the Dinner and put the raffle baskets in their correct place on the tables outside the gym. Once 4 o’clock came the food was brought out and teachers, parents, and students helped serve the meals and the performances started!

Some of the Performances were by Spencer Stanley, Mariah Carson, Sydney and Natalie Welsch, and Alex Munkelwitz. Spencer played “Just like you” by Three Days Grace on his guitar, Mariah sang “When you’re gone” by Avril Lavigne, Sydney and Natalie sang “Who you are” and Alex played “River Flows” on her flute.

 There were 75 auction items and 11 raffle baskets. The raffle basket that went for the most money was the “Everything Walt” basket which went for $77. NLA made over $1,000 on raffle tickets and served about 450 dinner meals. Over 45 students, teachers, and parents volunteered at the dinner. Danniel Haller was one of the Volunteers and she’s helped with the dinner for years. Mrs. Haller put up all of the decorations, and along with the help of students and the French teacher the tables were set up also. According to Mrs. Sherri,

“Danniel was an amazing volunteer!”.

The Night was a huge success and every year NLA earns more money for our schools! Once the Upper School gets the gym completed, it is possible the Dinner will be held there for more space; That way we can earn even more money for years to come.


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