Twitter Fights

At North Lakes Academy, Twitter is the most popular social network for students to use. Many use Twitter to  express their feelings, talk to their friends and post pictures. Sometimes fights are started over Twitter and many students find the drama annoying. But there are a select few that seem to find themselves right in the mix of many Twitter fights. When asked, some of the students that are involved in Twitter fights the most had a lot to say.

“I fight on Twitter because people offend me, my morals and values or because I’m sticking up for someone or something. Some Twitter fights are bogus and usually nothing gets resolved.” Ashley Millerbernd (10).

Another student that has a reputation for initiating the vast majority of Twitter battles is Travis Fish (10). Fish had very little to say on Twitter fights. When asked all he had to say was, “Twitter fights are amazing!”

These are just two of many students at North Lakes that like to get involved with Twitter fights. Without fights, Twitter would never be the same.


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