New Gym Requirements for Upperclassmen

North Lakes Academy upperclassmen are upset because they have to take more gym classes. The State of Minnesota recently decided to consider making gym a yearlong course. Although this new regulation hasn’t gone into effect yet, it is looking as though NLA will be following through with the new gym requirements regardless of the State’s decision.

The state claims students are sitting too much and not getting enough exercise in a day. Many students here at NLA disagree.

“I think that as long as [juniors and seniors] are in sports, or are doing some form of physical movement that gym shouldn’t be required. We have our futures to worry about,” said Naomi Scott (11).

Another fear is that the course shouldn’t be required for current juniors in their senior year, as it interferes with the classes they have right now.

“It would take away from most students’ PSEO classes and then we would be paying about an extra $2000 in college for one class we could have gotten for free,” Scott said.

There are a few students that have no problem with the possibility of more gym. Some say it’s fun and a break from school, that gym allows students to relax and let out built up energy.  The opposing viewpoint does not see it that way.

“…I didn’t think we were still in first grade. We don’t need a ‘play time’ because we don’t get nap time anymore, so why should we have to have gym?” said Monica Dorsher (12).


Written by Chelsie Rosa

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