NLA Renovations

It has been another year of renovations for the North Lakes Academy Upper School, but the construction is coming to a close. The Activity Center (unofficially christened the “Husky Den”) was finished mid-September; new bleachers were installed on October 28th.  The second part of the project, the West End renovations, underwent final touches Tuesday, November 18th, two days shy of the building’s grand opening and the Huskies’ boys basketball first on-site home game.

The West End is the space previously occupied by Mrs. Cheri’s desk, the dance studios, and the stairway by the French classroom.  It now features a lunch room and band room upstairs, and two locker rooms, four bathrooms (two of which have showers), and a new weight room downstairs. The floors of the locker rooms and bathrooms have special paint on the floor called epoxy. This special type of flooring, according to Beimert, is easier to clean and is more durable than carpet or tile.

The stairway has also been removed. Sorry, couples.

The new additions to the school will be used for both Upper and Middle School sporting events, as well as gym classes, band and choir concerts, and other activities.  The students are excited about the new facilities.

“It’s really awesome,” said Sophie Crowell (11), “I’m really excited to use everything. It makes us seem more like a school.”

The facilities have also generated excitement among the staff.

“I am so excited that it is done,” said Activities Director Jeff Beimert, who was largely responsible for the project. “They are very positive additions, and the students seem to be very excited about it.”

NLA’s coaches already have plans for future additions to the new facilities.

“Long jump pit,” said Chelsie Thielen, NLA’s track and field coach, pointing out the lunch room window at the grassy area between the building and the freeway.  “[Assistant Coach Tom] Lutes and I will just go to Home Depot, get some Quick-rete, couple of shovels, and a lot of packing peanuts – or sand. Packing peanuts would be more fun.”

Currently, it is unclear how school administration feels about two English teachers building an unauthorized long jump pit behind the school.

In the end the new gymnasium has added a lot of beneficial features for students at NLA. It has been one of the most anticipated and exciting additions to the school, and students are relieved it is finally finished.


By Katie Alamo

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