Parking Clots at NLA

Will North Lakes Academy run out of parking spots this year? This is a very common question for students here at NLA. At the beginning of year, the parking lot was redone with added spots for more student parking. Although the new parking lot opened up more opportunity for student drivers there are some complications.

“There are fifty spots for students in the north wing; right now, fifty six students have a parking pass,” said Cheri Jensen, NLA’s office manager.

The question now is will future students be able to hold a spot, and will our current students begin to lose theirs? The number of permits given is greater than the number of spaces for a few reasons.  Not all students drive every day. Some students have PSEO; therefore, they only fill a parking spot for half the day and are allowed to park out front for easy accessibility

“I only drive fridays, It’s better than nothing!” said Naomi Scott (11).

There are only four spots left for students who want a full-time parking permit. For those students who would like to only drive occasionally, the issue then becomes debatable. However, if the parking lot fills, there’s always the local businesses. Some students are already doing this to save themselves ten dollars. While NLA won’t tow you, there’s still a risk of getting your vehicle impounded.

“If Walmart or Target found out you were parking over there you could get towed,” Jensen said.

So if you want a parking permit, buying one now could save you some pain. Considering that permits our low, and spots are beginning to fill quickly, this could soon be a massive school issue.


Written by Chelsie Rosa


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