Why the Hoedown Didn’t Go Down

Every year at North Lakes Academy students gather to celebrate Halloween in costumes and dress ups for an annual Halloween dance. Although the dance has become a traditional event in NLA’s History, this year was different. The dance never happened.

“Nothing like this has ever happened in NLA’s history of school dances before, ” said Madelyn Lennard (12). “This year the Halloween Committee consisted of ten to twenty members ranging from freshmen to seniors. We only met twice as a whole group. But what was different this year was that we had a mixed dance where we had half harvest/Thanksgiving and half Halloween theme. We were planning on having a DJ and games but we needed to sell at least forty tickets to pay for the DJ alone and to sell at least twenty tickets to pay for decor. Personally I think the reason we only sold twelve tickets was due to the fact of a western sounding title and bad advertising.” Explained Madelyn Lennard (12) a Halloween Committee member.

Overall most students agreed with Lennard’s hypothesis for the lack of ticket sales. The dance wasn’t well advertised and students weren’t driven to buy tickets. In the end the dance had to be canceled due to the lack of income the party planning committee was making. NLA’s art teacher is also on a leave of absence due to recent newborn child. Typically these dance events are planned out by our administration and art teachers alongside students, but with her absence a sense of leadership and direction was gone. Although the dance never occurred, students took great leadership and initiative towards creating their own Halloween dance


by Angela Adams

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