Newly Mysterious NLA Mascots

Students and parents were surprised to see three men run out onto the court wearing blue full body suits during the opening girls’ and boys’ basketball game. The men in these suits are none other than Andrew Warren (10) and Zachary Germany (12). The point of these new Mascots is to encourage NLA’s teams and inspire more school spirit.

Yes, during the opening night there was three blue men on the floor. Social studies teacher Eric Nelson was only a temporary third member; Warren and Germany are currently looking for a permanent third member.

They have yet to come up with an official name, but have been dubbed as “the blue men” or “the blue man group” by students all over North Lakes Academy. They will be performing at most major events that involve the newly constructed Husky Den, such as the girls’ and boys’ senior night for basketball and the Frozen Five week. Although NLA no longer has its cheerleaders, it now has Mascots.


Written by Madelyn Leonard

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