Snow Day’s at NLA

North Lakes Academy almost had a snow day cancellation on the day of Minnesota’s first snowfall. Considering this, then what will the rest of the this year’s frigid Minnesota winter look like? “I just want to get out of here.” explained Mr. Good during the day of the first snowfall. If the majority of the NLA staff were concerned about keeping students in school that first day, what will student and staff expectations be in the middle of winter when it is much worse? How many school days will NLA undergo this school year?

More than half of the school left that first day of snowfall with rides home because of the blizzard, just as if school was dismissed early. “This may cause days to be added on, at the end of the year if this continues”, anticipates Karley Landwehr.

Last school year, the school had six snow days in which the school had to make up one of those days. “We will always act in the best interest and safety of the students and staff, but will always attempt to do that in a way that maximizes learning opportunities. NLA has had a practice of following the lead of ISD 831 (Forest Lake District) when it comes to snow days.  This is mainly due to the fact the Forest Lake provides the busing for students.  Knowing that, NLA must cancel when Forest Lake cancels.” Mr. Stottler, NLA’s school dean, explained to students.

It has always been thought that teachers for the most part disapprove of snow days, but in fact most enjoy the free day off. “There is a persistent myth that teachers don’t like snow days…if this is true about some, it definitely isn’t true about all of us! I like snow days as much as any student. Who doesn’t love a surprise day off? It does make for some more work for us, and if they become too frequent it can be a nuisance, but one every now and again is just fine with me. Again, ultimately as a teacher and a Board member, I care most about the safety of my colleagues and my students.” explained Christopher Stewart, NLA’s social studies teacher.

Knowing that the students safety is the main concern of the school board is reassuring. Students were given the opportunity by the school of NLA to leave school with parental permission, even though busses were not in transit. This gave students a way to get home safely before the worst of the blizzard hit.

Yes at times the cancellations may be a hinderance on the progress of the curriculum NLA provides, but its better to have a slight inconvenience than risked lives. Snow Days are a major necessity and are needed during snowstorms. Weather can’t always be predicted and nobody knows how the approaching weather conditions will go, but at least students enrolled at North Lakes Academy know they are safe.


Written by Monica Dorsher

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