The Zoo is Brought to NLA

Who ever heard of a school allowing the zoo in? Well here at North Lakes Academy, the culture is definitely more unique than most schools. “Wow, for a school to let in a zoo and allowing us to pet and hold these animals is just amazing!” Senior Kali Reitmeier explained.

The zoo was actually Megan Pills’ pets. She had brought them in for a demonstration the TLC course had planned. They had the chance to learn about the animals and how most are endangered species throughout the wild. Among these animals included Chris the tortoise, a shy guy who was exploring the gymnasium floor while constantly being picked up by students wishing to test their strength. A skunk who loved hugs and seemed more like a house pet in nature. A large female gator by the name of Roger. A cute monkey like animal by the name of Emily who climbed on top of students heads in search for bugs, or simply just willing to give them a head massage. An arctic fox, who appeared very timid when introduced to the class. Lastly a walibi who gave kisses to students who were brave enough to stick their fingers in the cages.

It was a highlight for most students as their days passed. Even the staff of NLA were excited to see the animals, several of the teachers were even able to pose with some of the exotic creatures. Overall it was an enjoyable day for students at NLA.


written by Angela Adams


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