Christmas Musical… More Like Christmas Miracle for Fine Arts Students

On December 11th students from choir and band went to the Stepping Stone theatre to see a Christmas musical.  They had the additional privilege of having one of their fellow students in the cast. Makayla Bode (9) is playing the role of “Beth”, who is the featured daughter in the play, which happens to be one of the main roles.

Choir has not actually been on a field trip in the past couple of years. Many students were ecstatic that they finally got to go, and others wished they had stayed in choir for one more year.

“The one year I’m not in choir they go on a field trip,” said Maria Svenkeson (11).

Students who are taking band or choir this year seem to love their new teacher, Nicole Ottjes. The last concert she put together got Jackie Saunders, NLA’s executive director, to shed some tears.

“The performance was phenomenal, everyone did a great  job,” Saunders said.

As students began to arrive back to school after the musical it appeared that most had really enjoyed the performance. The Christmas musical was a nice break for choir and band students alike.

“I would go see it again,” said Naomi Scott (11).

The field trip was a hit, so hopefully North Lakes Academy will provide more field trips like this in the near future.


Written by Chelsie Rosa

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