The Pranksters

On November 11th, North Lakes Academy Upper School math teacher Josh Ogaard walked into his classroom to a horrendous surprise. Thanks to Naomi Scott (11) and a couple of other students, Ogaard’s world was turned upside down, literally. Almost all of Ogaard’s class items, ranging from desks to chairs, had been completely flipped upside down – including the writing on the whiteboard. The students also managed to flip every poster in his room.

“We flipped everything – including the Albert Einstein poster and it remains flipped today,” Scott said.

Due to weather conditions the previous day, students who drove or could be picked up were allowed to leave school early. Staff members who lived far away, or had the longest commute home, were also sent home. Ogaard, Ben Saunders, Marie Waterworth and many others left early. Isabel Thompson (10) and others from the group of pranksters explained why they picked Ogaard over every other teacher in the school.

“He can often relate to students, he’s got a great sense of humor, and knows how to take a joke” Thompson said.

Ogaard was initially perplexed.

“My initial reaction was ‘what the heck happened?’  I immediately stopped in my tracks and was actually speechless for about a minute after it hit me.  I was definitely a little upset with what had happened.  I had many things that I needed to do that morning, but instead I had to use the time to fix my classroom and was scrambling to get my materials ready for class,” Ogaard said.

NLA Upper School Dean Cam Stottler left any consequences up to Ogaard. Stottler doesn’t consider pranks bad if they don’t disrupt things like learning and they don’t harm anyone.

“I wasn’t sure what the point of it was – what disappointed me was that whomever pulled the prank didn’t rectify the situation before learning started the next day and we had to disrupt several classes to get students to come back and put the room back to normal,” Stottler said.

In the end, it was an interesting situation for students as well as teachers.


Written by Chelsie Rosa

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