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NLA’s 2013-14 Yearbooks are Now Completed

Both campuses of North Lakes Academy have been working very hard on creating a unique yearbook for students to enjoy. As of last Friday the yearbook was completed, including the final touches that Mrs. Luschsinger needed at add.

Editors Kaylee Krogstad, Rachel Lou, Abbey Millerbernd and Autumn Percy held the class to high expectations and put countless hours into editing the book before it was print ready. Along with the editors, the students also worked hard all year taking pictures and getting quotes from fellow students for the yearbook. They used their creativity to layout and design each individual page in very unique ways.

Throughout the year there was some struggle for the yearbook team, but in the end they pulled through. For spring sports at NLA, the weather had a huge factor on the late start for sports. The bad weather didn’t just affect athletes at NLA, but also the yearbook team. It was difficult for students who were creating the yearbook to get quality pictures with the late start to spring sports. However, the yearbook team didn’t let the weather affect the quality of the pages and refused to take no for an answer.

The yearbook team tried to get each student in the yearbook at least three times, which at times was a struggle. Naomi Scott, who was part of the yearbook team, explained that

“We [the yearbook team] even got the new students in the yearbook at least twice and their picture in their grade even if they came to North Lakes the week before deadline.”

The yearbook staff put countless hours of work into this years yearbook, and the students have had plenty of positive feedback on the final outcome. If you ordered a yearbook they should be here before school gets out June 5th.

Students Denied Access to Vehicles During Advisory

Students here at North Lakes Academy Upper school are upset because they are no longer able to walk out to their cars during school hours. They feel that they should be granted the freedom if they need to grab something such as sporting attire, lunch boxes, ect. The question that everyone is asking is why aren’t students allowed to go out to their cars?

According to Cam Stottler, the new rule was put in place because…

“We expect students to come to school prepared for the day, we ask that no students leave the building to access vehicles for forgotten assignments, lunches, or anything else they may need.  Two main reasons – one, we expect and encourage students to come prepared for the whole day.  Two, we feel allowing students to go to their vehicles requires supervision and is a gray area that we are not willing to take on with our current structure.”

Some students find that not being able to go out to their vehicles during advisory to grab certain accessories or items is unfair and shows that teachers and staff don’t trust the student body.

The reason that students aren’t allowed to go to their vehicle may be reasonable in some ways, such as it teaches students to be more responsible. It teaches them not to forget things they need and it prepares them for their future. However the topic is touchy, because there are also legitimate reasons for students to be able access their vehicles during lunch. Although the issue is still hot in the school, it has been determined that students won’t be able to access there vehicles during advisory without punishment. 





The Countdown to Summer

Here at North Lakes Academy Upper School, the excitement for summer is growing tremendously. For students and teachers here at NLA, the countdown has begun! Now that all the snow has finally melted and the temperatures have been above freezing, students and staff have started to bring out the Spring/Summer clothes.

In the 2013-2014 school year there’s only thirty days left of school. Yes, that may seem like a lot, but May Term is included in those days! We have ten A days and ten B days left, but for the students in biology classes, who will be  going to Audubon, it’s even less. The even better news is May Term is only twenty days away for students.

“I honestly want school to be over for this year because I’m looking forward to sleeping in and not having every day be busy with something.” Naomi Scott said, wishing for summer to come quickly.

However the warm weather could come with some consequences. Since the weather has been nicer students have been focusing more on enjoying the weather outside rather than their homework. According to some teachers, since the weather has gotten nicer students have turned in less homework and their grades have begun to slip.

The Italian Dinner

On March 28th on Friday night, North Lakes Academy held it’s annual Italian Dinner. Students did many different types of performances to raise money for the school at the dinner. There was singing to playing guitar and there was also a variety of raffle baskets. The dinner took place at the Lower School in the gymnasium, and the raffle baskets were in the cafeteria area located right outside the gym.

Freshman students from Civic’s classes arrived at the middle school early for service hours to help set up. They put up and decorated tables for the Dinner and put the raffle baskets in their correct place on the tables outside the gym. Once 4 o’clock came the food was brought out and teachers, parents, and students helped serve the meals and the performances started!

Some of the Performances were by Spencer Stanley, Mariah Carson, Sydney and Natalie Welsch, and Alex Munkelwitz. Spencer played “Just like you” by Three Days Grace on his guitar, Mariah sang “When you’re gone” by Avril Lavigne, Sydney and Natalie sang “Who you are” and Alex played “River Flows” on her flute.

 There were 75 auction items and 11 raffle baskets. The raffle basket that went for the most money was the “Everything Walt” basket which went for $77. NLA made over $1,000 on raffle tickets and served about 450 dinner meals. Over 45 students, teachers, and parents volunteered at the dinner. Danniel Haller was one of the Volunteers and she’s helped with the dinner for years. Mrs. Haller put up all of the decorations, and along with the help of students and the French teacher the tables were set up also. According to Mrs. Sherri,

“Danniel was an amazing volunteer!”.

The Night was a huge success and every year NLA earns more money for our schools! Once the Upper School gets the gym completed, it is possible the Dinner will be held there for more space; That way we can earn even more money for years to come.


Plane Goes Missing?

Where is flight 370? Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 was an international flight that mysteriously disappeared on March 8th  from Kuala Lumpur International Airport to Beijing Capital International Airport. On board were 12 crew members and 227 passengers from 15 different nations and regions. However most of the passengers were Chinese.

The same day flight 370 disappeared, one of the largest searches in history took place. The Malaysian Prime Minister, Najib Razak , announced that satellite-related data showed that the aircraft’s ACARS and transponder had been turned off and the radar data indicated that the aircraft’s “movements are consistent with the deliberate action of someone on the plane.” (Razak, Najib). The FBI searched both the pilots homes but found nothing.  By March 18th, over 26 Countries were searching for the mysterious missing  plane that had somehow vanished into thin air.

There are many theories about what happened to the plane. Student Zoe deal states “It had to have landed on an invisible island in the middle of nowhere; Then they just turned off the tracking device, but why would anyone do that? You couldn’t fly anywhere without getting noticed.”

Hannah Quarnstrom thinks “It was UFOs that took the plane, then in 50 years we’ll all be watching the news and they’ll say the plane has been returned with all the passengers on it!”

A Fishermen believes they may have seen the missing Malaysia Airlines flight on the night it disappeared flying low over the Gulf of Thailand. They’re not 100% sure it was flight MH370, but if true it would suggest that the plane may have flown low to avoid radar what is known as “terrain masking.”

As of today flight 370 is still missing and theories of what happened continue to grow.

NLA Husky’s Last Home Game

On February 18th the girls and boys basketball team had their final game of the season at Central Learning Center in Forest Lake. The girls team played at 6:00pm and the boys at 7:30pm. It was Senior night to celebrate the Seniors last home game before they leave High School to start college and start their career.

Coach Yaeger began the guys game by starting all the Seniors to celebrate Senior night. There were some great points made from Cody Warren and Christopher Rosencrantz. Jake Ozment even powered through the first half with an injury to his eye that he suffered during the Spectrum game the previous week. However, he went out during the second half due to a new injury to his shoulder.

The girls team played Shattuck as well, and had a great game and dominated the first half with rebounds. Their shots were consistant which helped them take over the first half, but they slipped during the second. They were neck and neck the entire second half until the last couple of minutes during overtime. They ended up losing the game with 31 to 37.

It was a fantastic season for the Huskies Basketball organization. The boys won the EMAC Championships. The girls took 5th in the EMAC Conference, which is the highest they’ve placed since the organization began. It’s been a successful year for Huskies athletics.

Students Feeling the Pressure of NHD Deadline

With National History Day approaching on February 25th, North Lakes Academy students are starting to feel the pressure as they realize it’s not as easy as they thought it would be to put a project together at the last minute.

Eric Nelson , social studies teacher and NHD coach, remains positive about the projects and efforts this year. He wants at least one student from North Lakes makes it to the national level of the competition in Washington D.C. in May.

Only a limited amount of people can go to regionals, state, and nationals; NLA students are doing their best to try to be among them. One quarter of students in each category can go to Regionals, a quarter of THAT quarter go to State and a quarter of that go on to Nationals.  “It hasn’t happened before, but I have a good feeling about this year,” Nelson said.

The stakes are high for NLA students regardless of whether they reach the next level of competition. At NLA, the project is worth 60% of students’ final Semester 2 history grade; students must pass history to graduate from high school.

One can imagine the stress this creates: poster boards are starting to run low, printers aren’t working, and students are going into stress mode. Over half of the students interviewed said they have already had at least one breakdown. Two of them were Noah Nei (10) and Hannah Quarnstrom (10).

“I have no time to work on it during the week unless I stay up until 11pm because we have a basketball game almost every day, and then I work on weekends,” Nei said.  He came close to a breakdown over the weekend of February 7th, which continued into the following week.  He said the script for his documentary on Jackie Robinson “sounded horrible,” so he deleted it and started the whole thing over.

Quarnstrom said her breakdown came during the last week in January, a result of trying to narrate her documentary on the Titanic. She needed iMovie or something similar to it to record her script, but iMovie is only on Apple products.  She couldn’t find a similar device or app to use on her PC.

“I was almost tempted to drive to Apple and buy a computer so I could use iMovie for the narration for my documentary!” she said. Quarnstrom later figured out how to record on her own device. 

People may be struggling and having their breaking moments but, as Nelson would put it, “the more you struggle, the better you learn!” History Day is a chance for us all to learn something new. Yes, it has its lows, but the highs are worth so much more. Stop complaining about struggling and stressing and start learning!

Seniors Getting Accepted Left and Right!

After working hard, keeping up with homework, and enduring their ACTs and SATs, the hard work has paid off: NLA’s seniors are beginning to receive their college acceptance letters and are announcing the news on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Two of the fortunate students that received acceptance letters are Abigale Millerbernd (12) and Kaylee Krogstad (12).

Millerbernd has been accepted to the College of Saint Scholastica and Saint Cloud State University; she applied at the University of Minnesota, but hasn’t heard anything. Millerbernd, who wants to study occupational therapy, chose Saint Scholastica over Saint Cloud.

“[It] gave me a $12,000 scholarship and it’s safer; plus its enrollment is smaller than most colleges,” Millerbernd said.

Krogstad has been accepted to University of Minnesota – Duluth, Hamline University, and St. Catherine University (St. Kate’s). She chose to go to UMD because she loves the campus and its location. Also it’s the best choice in terms of cost. Krogstad is unsure of what she plans for her future career, but knows exactly what direction she wants to take.

“My planned major is Biology, maybe with some Criminology & Anthropology minors. So something along those lines, like forensic anthropology,” Krogstad said.

Marshall Beyer (12) hasn’t been accepted to any colleges yet but mainly wants to go to Anoka Technical College for its highly rated machine program.

 “I want to be a machinist and eventually own my own engine building shop,” he said.

The seniors have a life changing decision to make. Some have chosen the college they dreamt of; some are still trying to pick. These students have a bright, challenging future ahead of them.