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ISS or OSS, Why Not Both?

Many schools follow one path when it comes to suspension, In School Suspension(ISS) or Out of School Suspension(OSS). North Lakes Academy is debating whether to introduce a third option: suspension at the Forest Lake Youth Service Bureau.

Allowing this form of OSS has it’s pros and cons. One day of OSS at the Bureau would cost $30, but North Lakes Academy says that it would be willing to chip in half, only costing a family $15. For an additional fee, Semesteral Therapy options would be available.

Ignoring the small fee, this form of OSS helps students and families greatly. It allows the parents to still attend their jobs without having to sit at home and make sure their children behave. Secondly, it would allow a much meaningful and hands on suspension, helping a student mature much more. Although it’s not official yet, this option is proving to be a controversial concept.

The Robotics Team 3D Printer

Cube0029-copy-1024x1024Imagine being able to make anything out of a strand of plastic. A code from a computer can turn that strand of nothing into almost any imaginable, inanimate object. That’s exactly what  3D printer does and now, North Lakes has one.

The second generation “Cube 3D Printer” was purchased by physics teacher and Robotics Team advisor Paul Good.  It uses melted ABS (plastic) and PLO (nylon) to print out objects. The machine produces thin sheets in the shape of the desired object. By layering these sheets, the object is formed.

The machine will be mostly used by the Robotics Team for producing small, unattainable parts, though it will also be used for fundraising events for North Lakes Academy. Although it may seem like a toy, this 3D printer carries many possible academic benefits.

Movie Review- Justin Bieber’s Believe

Rated: PG

Cast: (As Themselves)
Justin Bieber (pop superstar)
Scooter Braun (manager)
Ryan Good (friend)
Usher Raymond IV (mentor)
Pattie Mallette (Justin’s mom)
Jeremy Bieber (Justin’s dad)

Run Time: 1 hour and 32 minutes

Directed By: Jon M. Chu

Stars: 10/10

On Christmas Day, the new Justin Bieber movie was released called “Believe.” It goes behind all the headlines and hype to show the real story: his journey through his tour.  It includes heartbreaks such as the loss of loved ones like Avalanna Routh, a huge Bieber fan who had a rare form of cancer. Routh gave herself the name “Mrs. Bieber” after their fake wedding in the hospital with a cardboard cutout.  Bieber met her and they instantly had a big brother/little sister relationship. Sadly, she passed away last year at age six. V Bieber addresses some hard topics such as the argument between him and the paparazzi in London last March and his relationships during the “Believe” tour.

People may look at Bieber as an out of control teenager, but everyone makes mistakes and it’s hard to grow up in  the spotlight. Everyone judges you, just waits for you to mess up “but rather than let gravity take you down, sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands, and fly,” Bieber said. Most of his childhood was taken away from him being in this business.

This movie is not just for the fans – also known as Beliebers – it is for friends, families, even haters.  It shows everyone that no matter what happens, one should always believe in oneself, in others, in everything.

End of semester anxiety

The end is near! The week after Christmas Break, on January 10th, it is the end of the semester. Many students have been on their game, trying to finish the semester strong. But many are also feeling very overwhelmed with the amount of studying/time thats needs to be put it.

“I believe teachers should spread out the assessments and finals, not just have them at the end of the semester” said Logan Haller (10).

Spreading out the assessments would be helpful to most students but, it is hard for teachers to do that when assessments and finals are supposed to show what you learned, and you cannot do that earlier in the year.


Students Take Time To Save Lives

Many will be giving thanks this holiday season for the blood that was given by North Lakes Academy(NLA) students and staff. The Red Cross held a blood drive Wednesday, November 27th at Upper School for anyone to donate to those in need.

Every year NLA holds two blood drives, one in the fall, and one in the spring. Last year, a combined total of 78 people donated in both drives. Wednesday was third blood drive the school has held so far and it has been the most successful. A total of 67 people showed up to donate, unfortunately, 10 were turned down due to low iron or other reasons concerning health. According to Chris Stewart, a social studies teacher who currently organizes the drive, it turned out better than expected. 57 total units were successful donated, 17 higher than anticipated. Both students and teachers donated.

Everyday, Stewart encouraged students to donate. He said he wants to “encourage people to [stop] their preoccupations and give to the community.”

This is exactly how one student viewed it as well.

“I was scared but I did it anyway because I wanted to save lives”, said Autumn Percy(12).

Stewart’s vision for the future is to see someone else step up and take control of the drive, preferably the students. Currently it’s safe to say the blood drive would not be happening without him.

Movie Review – Frozen

Kristen Bell – Anna
Idina Menzel – Elsa the Snow Queen
Jonathan Groff – Kristoff
Josh Gad – Olaf
Alan Tudyk – Duke of Weselton

Running Time: 108 minutes

Rating: PG

Released: November 10th, 2013

Stars: 9/10

Fun Fact: This movie is the 53rd animated feature in the Walt Disney Animated Classics.

This heart-warming animated movie is full of action, adventure, and comedy. The movie starts with Elsa being in a prophecy with winter powers. Putting her sister and the whole kingdom in danger of an eternal winter. The only way to end the curse and save her sister (Anna), is to show true love, because it can thaw a frozen heart and kingdom. The movie had a lot of favorite character like Olaf the talking snowman and Sven the loving reindeer. In the end the kingdom and Anna go back to normal and everyone lives happily ever after.

The movie is very kid friendly and a great movie for the whole family to enjoy.

Favorite Quote From Frozen: “Hi, everyone, I’m Olaf! And I like warm hugs!”

“Donate Now” button added to raise funds for new gym


North Lakes Academy has recently added a link to a PayPal donation page to raise money for the North Lakes Academy Activity Center. Funds will be used to help further the construction of  the schools new gymnasium. Donations of any size are accepted, from $1 to”one million dollars” (if you’re Dr. Evil). Every penny will help.

Why donate? Physical education is an essential part of a student’s high school career; state graduation standards require physical education to graduate. Our present program involves lots of outdoor activities, even in not-so-great weather conditions.  Donations will help keep students out of the cold during gym class in the winter.

Also, this reporter feels that we need to add a bouncy house to our current athletic equipment roster and that any remaining donations to the athletic facility fund should be used in that manner.

Secret Santa Holiday Special

Each year Mr. Stewart assigns a petition process to his 9th grade students; this year, one of the ideas was an Upper School Secret Santa exchange. Making this project happen is Heather Quarnstrom (9), Annabelle Wright (9), and Jenna Fyksen (9) with assistance from the Ambassadors Club.The group has passed out surveys and is making plans to get this event to work successfully.

The point of the exchange is to have everyone come closer, to spread Christmas cheer, and get to know each other better. For a donation of $10 (for the gift) any NLA Upper School student can participate.

To make sure there was interest in this event, the group sent around a petition, which yielded nearly 60 signatures.  That gave the group a green light to kick this project into high gear. A meeting with the Ambassadors was held during Monday’s during lunch to get all the details in order.

The lesson from the petition project is that everyone can make a difference anywhere. This is an example of an idea that a group made up and it is now coming true. More updates will announced in the coming weeks.

Thanksgiving traditions

It is almost everyone’s favorite holiday – Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving is a day for giving thanks, shopping, and eating the most amazing food.  Everyone has their own special traditions; here are some of the traditions of people in North Lakes Academy:

“Everyone in my family brings the same food every year” said Chelsie Rosa (10).

Logan Haller (10) plays the game “Round Robin Ping Pong” with his family each Thanksgiving. In this game, there is a ping pong table and a person at each end. Each person hits the ball once, then runs to the other side of the table and waits his or her turn to hit it again. If you hit a ball out, you are eliminated until the next game. You keep playing till there is one winner left.  “It gets to be a really chaotic, loud fun time!” Haller said.

Robotics Mania

Thanks to television shows, robotics competitions are commonly assumed to be fights to the (robotic) death, but this is a misconception.  Really, the goal is not annihilation, just getting a robot to do a certain task. This year, NLA’s Robotics Team is convening to build a better robot once more. The season began with a mock kickoff where students went to the University of Minnesota to get some helpful tips for building the robot; now the team awaits instructions for this year’s competition.

The team will see a few changes in its second year, according to coach Paul Good, who teaches physics and robotics at NLA. Membership is up to 17 members and several of them are veterans, full of great knowledge and experience from last year. Also, previously, NLA teamed up with Forest Lake High School and was FLASH/NLA, but this year NLA is its own team. This eliminates the extra stress caused by trying to get over to the other school. Also, there has been a change in competition; last year, the team competed in Minneapolis, but will be traveling instead to Duluth this season.

One thing the team plans on doing differently is “making sure we know all the rules and not have so many complications,” said Hannah Quarnstrom (10), a veteran of last year’s competition.

What the robot’s goal for year hasn’t been revealed, but if Good had to guess, he thought the robot “…would have to pick up some sort of objects and transport them.” Last year’s goal was throwing disks into a goal, because breaking a $10,000 machine is not something the team wants to be doing. Once the goal is revealed on the official kick-off, then the team has 6 weeks to build the robot to tip top condition.

The year has started out well for robotics, and the student body wishes them good luck at their competition which will take place in Duluth March 6-8.