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Senior meeting

November 8th, during advisory Mr. Stottler held a senior meeting. In the meeting he talked about the data of seniors this year. Thirty percent of seniors this year are failing one or more classes. 5 out of 8 kids getting their technology taken away are also seniors. Also that many have been absent and tardy consistently. Mr. Stottler talked about the consequences and new possible interventions. Many of the seniors were mad and upset.

Brandon Flash(12)  says  “If we’re failing, let us fail. If we are late, let us be late. Let us deal with the consequences  (which results in our grades), it’s our responsibility, and ours to deal with.”

Cody Warren(12) “If Stottler wants to get a better response, he needs a better approach. Punishment isn’t always the answer, it just makes people not want to listen even more.”

The majority of the Seniors feel that they know if they are doing bad or not and know the consequences.


First Friday Freshmen Forum

Over the last Friday and Tuesday the freshmen were invited to the Freshmen Forum with Mrs. Saunders. This event is where Mrs. Saunders picks out classical movies for the freshmen to watch and discuss over. Mrs. Saunders said

“I love it when students start to see all the layers in a classic film for themselves.”

Eddie and the Cruisers was the first movie on the list. During which there was also popcorn available for 75 cents, all thanks to the seniors who were in charge of the booth.

There has been one problem that has occurred throughout the past years, scheduling. Last year freshmen forum was on a Friday, in that case you would’ve taken two periods out of your day to watch the movie. This year is different, the staff have decided that they will be taking one hour on Fridays and one hour on Tuesdays to watch the movies. Hoping not to jeopardize important class hours.

Mrs. Saunders started this event because since the ninth graders were coming from the middle school, she felt that they needed to know who she was. Since Saunders was becoming to be someone very important in their high school experience, she wanted to get to know them more. Mrs. Saunders also heard about how kids were watching junk T.V. and there was research about “visual literacy”. These two ideals formed together created the freshmen forum, which Doc Ford loves to attend. The first forum this year has been a great success with responses like “It was great” and “really fun”.

Below is a list of movie the freshmen will be watching throughout the year:


On The Waterfront

Rebel Without a Cause

The Buddy Holly Story

In The Heat Of The Night

Eddie and The Cruisers

Scorpion King (clips)

Viva Las Vegas (clips)

The Graduate (probably clips)

To Sir With Love

Rocky (Rocky 1 and clips)

Miracle On Ice (clips)

College Prep 101

On Monday, November 18th from 6-8pm at NLA Upper School there is a FREE night to help families plan for college! Dr. Thomas Burkman, V.P. of Academic Affairs from North Central University will be here presenting information on some very important topics.

-Is college a good choice for my student?

-Overview of state, private, community, technical and university colleges.

-Addressing the top 10 questions families have.

-Timeline for planning.

-Financial Aid tops and options.

-To-do list for parents and students from Middle School through Senior year.

-An overview of College Prep, the Dual Credit Program, and ACT classes at NLA.

Any questions involving this event please contact Mrs. Peck at

Parking Update

As anyone can see, the parking situation has changed within the last week at North Lakes Academy. The school was promised that, in late August, there would be a new parking lot. It is now the first week in November and no new lot – in fact, the old lot is being made smaller with the construction of the athletics facility. Don’t worry, drivers: a new lot is still in the plan.

According to Cam Stottler, NLA’s dean of students, the lot will be added next summer, after the gym is complete.

This lot will always have enough space for parking, because only those with parking contracts may park in it. The permits will be roughly $25 per semester. For now or until the gym is done, all students will park in the back. The back doors will still remain locked, though, so students must still enter through the front for the time being.

Movember: Beyond the Beard

November is known for many things. From the start of deer hunting season to the first snow falls of the year, November has become known as the time of the year when facial hair is at its most functional from a warmth standpoint. But many men are growing their facial hair out for another, newer November tradition: No Shave November (Movember). This is a tradition that’s been around for years and years, but recently it has gained a noble cause. is the site behind the madness. Here people can pledge and donate to help spread awareness of testicular and prostate cancers. Pink ribbons symbolize breast cancer awareness; a masculine beard is a perfect symbol for awareness about prostate cancer.

So has all this hair growing really made a difference? Not sure. Do you consider over $440 million a difference? That’s right. The sum of beards being grown for thirty consecutive days around the world equals a total of $446 million. That’s $446 millions reasons to grow a beard to stop prostate and testicular cancer. Will you contribute?

Haunted House Horrors

On November 1 during the Halloween Dance at the Upper School, there was a haunted house put on by many dedicated students who volunteered along with English teacher Tom Lutes.

Immediately after school the students did a walk through to make sure everyone was on the same page. Then they went to work putting up the decorations such as garbage bags, wires to nowhere and strobe lights. Then, Lutes gave the haunted house actors a pep talk about how “the decorations give suspense but you guys make it scary” and they were ready to open the haunted house.

The house was arranged like this: the student/victim would walk up the main stairway to enter the haunted house. Then, he was led into the new commons and was quickly left by his guide, who disappeared into a dark room. Once he was alone, he had to go through a garbage bag maze. Then it was down the stairs by Mrs.Russie/Mr.Klein’s room and through the downstairs area, then back to the new hallway, leading to the dance. All while being scared by actors in masks, monster makeup and even stilts.

The haunted house wouldn’t be possible without all of the volunteers who have dedicated their time to making the haunted house possible. It took around five hours to get the entire house ready for students. Lutes feels the haunted house was a success, but there are always things to work on for years to come. “An extra special thanks to the students who stayed after the dance to clean-up,” he said.

Stay spooky, my friends.

Tanning in the colder months

Indoor tanning has a bad reputation, but it has several benefits as well. I work at a tanning salon and have learned many of the positive things about tanning. Tanning helps with depression; it creates a warm, relaxing environment. It also provides Vitamin D. Tanning gives people a confidence boost and can also help with acne.
Consider looking at the positive side of tanning.

The Bucket List Club

A new student group, the Bucket List Club (BLC), was recently added at NLA. The group was named from the idea of a bucket list – a list of things one would like to do before “kicking the bucket”. The BLC is centered around planning unique experiences.

“We wanted a club that would have a lot of fun while experiencing new things,” said Hannah Quarnstrom (10), the club’s vice-president.

The BLC has many events planned. On its agenda: a melting crayon art project, zip lining, food tasting, and shopping – with a twist (last week the club went to Walmart on a scavenger hunt). More events will be happening as the club members think of new things they want to try.

Most of the events planned are free, but when there is money involved, it comes from donations and fundraisers. Most recently, the club held a bake sale on Halloween to cover the cost of zip lining.

The fearless leader of the club is NLA Upper School art teacher Melissa Luchsinger, who was very excited to try some of the events.

The BLC meets on Tuesday’s after school, in the art room until 3:30. Everyone is welcome to come and have a great time.

NLA Alumnus Elected to School Board

Every year, a few positions open on the NLA School Board. A certain number of board positions must be parents of NLA students, or school faculty.  However, there is also a spot on the board for members of the Forest Lake community new members are elected. For the first time, one of these seats will be filled by a former student.  Cody Miller, a 2013 graduate of NLA, was elected to fill the Community Member vacancy October 11.

Miller plans on bettering the learning community and offering his attention to issues and demands. He sees being part of the board as a great opportunity to give back to NLA. He views himself being successful by offering himself 100% in bettering the community and making collective decisions in an organized and logical way.

Miller attended NLA for grades 7-12 and having the new perspective of a young recent grad will offer him many opportunities to make decisions on issues. He thinks that being a younger student on the board will help encourage students to be more active in their learning community.

Miller is now an undergraduate at the University of St. Thomas.

“School didn’t really stop for me; it just changed locations,” Miller said.

The NLA School Board strives to help the learning community and any issues students or teachers may have to help keep NLA a great learning environment. According to Miller, being on the school board can be a great opportunity to help the school community and try to encourage students to apply themselves in school to become what society and schools want them to be.


Editorial: Christmas right now?

Many stores have decided to decorate for the holiday season a little early –as in, before Halloween.  Big box stores are already putting out holiday-themed advertising and displaying products for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Christmas should not be out before December first. People are so bombarded by Christmas music, decorations, and advertisements that by Christmas Day, everyone is already sick of it.  Also there should be some kind of rule that there has to be snow on the ground, too. It should look like Christmas, not just feel like it inside! October is for Halloween, November for Thanksgiving and December for Christmas! That’s just how it goes.