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Cinco De Mayo

On Monday, May 5th, North Lakes Academy’s level two Spanish classes hosted a fiesta for the school in celebration of Cinco De Mayo. During the fiesta, students provided various authentic Spanish foods and drinks for the school to enjoy.

Zoe Deal (10), who participated in the festivities, said “I really liked Cassy’s cheesecake and I also had nachos which is always good, Ryan’s chip dip was good too.”

Unfortunately for some very upset U.S. History students, Mr. Nelson’s fourth hour class was not able to enjoy the fiesta. Nelson told his students that he would not allow them to participate in the festivities until they had finished their assignments.

Although History students weren’t able to participate in the fiesta, overall the feedback was positive for the event. Montes told his students that they had “come through” once again, and he is excited to continue the tradition next year.


NLA Prom 2014

Unlike previous years, North Lakes Academy’s 2014 Senior/Junior prom will not be held on a boat. Location is not the only change, and definitely not the only shock to students. The date for prom recently changed from May 3rd to May 10th due to venue scheduling issues that occurred.

The date was first changed because there were no available boats for the chosen date. For other dates there were only larger boats available, which are more expensive and would result in higher prices for students who buy prom tickets.

“I like how it’s not on boat because then if I get mad at my date I can leave” says McGlade(12) when asked her opinion on the change of location.

Seniors will enjoy the change because it will be a significant difference from previous years. The last three years Prom has been held on a boat, and the change in scenery seems to be what Seniors have been looking for.

“I like that it’s different because I’ve gone three times already and the change is nice” Arm(12).

The Dalles House was found and chosen because it is a cheaper venue and something new will be an exciting experience for everyone.

This year there will be two food choices, one being a vegetarian option and the other being Alfredo Sauce.  

The changes will be exciting for everyone. We aren’t sure yet if this will become a tradition or not.

Sophomore Noah Nei(10) stated that he would prefer the change stayed.

“Personally I would like it to stay off a boat because there would be more room.”

We will see how this year goes and hope that the change stays for years to come.

Spring Sports Affected by Weather

With this crazy weather we have gotten the past few days, our spring sports schedule may be affected. The rain gave many athletes hope that the snow would melt, until that rain unfortunately turned into snow. As long as snow is on the ground, track can no longer go outside even for a warm-up. Softball and Baseball are also unable to practice outside due to snow, and games have already been setback due to the unpredictable weather.

NLA has already had 7 baseball/softball games postponed and 1 track scrimmage cancelled due to the weather. And with this upcoming snow storm, there may be possibly more to come.

The first baseball and softball games were supposed to be played on April 1st, but the weather played an April Fools Joke on North Lakes Academy athletics and they have been postponed. Now the first games are scheduled for the week of April 14th.The first track meet is supposed to be on April 17th with high hopes that all this snow/rain will not affect the meet.

Hopefully by the end of next week track will be able to be outside for practice. No one really knows when baseball and softball will be able to have practices held outdoors. We can only hope for warm weather and all this snow to melt soon.

NLA’s Italian Dinner

This Friday, March 28th, North Lakes Academy will be holding their annual Italian Dinner/Silent Auction. The raised funds will be donated to the school, as well as the construction of the schools new activity center. Money will be raised in various ways. Objects will also be held up for raffle, and all the money raised will go straight to the School donations.

Two teachers, Mr. Nelson, from the High School and Mr. Mendenhal, from the Middle School, agreed to get their heads shaved under specific conditions.The agreement is that if the High School and Middle School combined can raise $5,000, the two teachers will shave themselves bald. Students will have to bring in the money by Friday for it to count.

Will Tiedeman(10) was asked what he thought about Mr. Nelson getting his head shaved and he simply said “It won’t be cute.”

There are believed to be many doubts about NLA’s student body being able to raise enough money for it to happen. When Noah Nei(10) was approached and asked if he thought that enough money would be raised he replied with “nahh”.

Although there are doubts for the donations to reach 5,000 dollars, all students are hoping NLA can accomplish this goal for many reasons. The entertainment of our teachers heads being shaved as well as a large amount of money raised to help our school and the new activity center.

NLA Basektball: Ozment breaks 1K

On Saturday, January 22nd, Jacob Ozment (12) joined Christopher Rosencrantz (12) at reaching 1,000 points in his basketball career. This night was the NLA boy’s basketball EMAC championship game against Christian Life School held at NOVA Classical Academy.

Ozment has been playing basketball for four years and has been playing for NLA for three. He needed to score four points in this game to reach 1,000, which was a simple task for this Senior.

Husky fans all wanted to know how Jake felt about his accomplishment, and his simple answer was, “better than a churro for a dollar”.

Some were skeptical he would not reach his one thousandth point due to his injured shoulder. Even Jake himself didn’t think he was able to play that night due to the injury. At the previous home game, senior night, Ozment separated his left shoulder. For Jake, this was a huge setback, considering he is a left handed player.

The game was very close and enjoyable for all Husky fans to see. It concluded with a win of 81-71. Not only did Jacob reach this milestone the team also won their game that night, putting them at first place in their EMAC conference.

There were many fans there supporting the team and Ozment, with signs and a lot of loud cheering. NLA is very lucky to have such a supportive student body and parents that attended the sporting events, making them extremely exciting.

Target Center Games

On Monday, February 17th, NLA’s basketball teams played against Spectrum High School at the Target Center in Minneapolis.

The girls’ team played very well and showed improvement, though they failed to secure a win.  The last time the teams met, NLA lost to Spectrum 9 to 46; on Monday night, the Huskies held the competition off better than before, more than doubling their score from the last game. The final score was 20-54.

Defensively, the girls did very well. They tried out two new defensive plays, both of which focused on cutting off their shooters.

NLA’s boys team played an exciting game that ended in a 66-64 win for the Huskies.  It was very close all they way through, causing the crowd to get into it with various chants and lots of cheering, clapping, and screaming. For the majority of the game, Spectrum was up by just a few points and regulation play ended with a tie. The game was still tied at the end of the four-minute overtime  until Derek Beatty (12) scored the winning point right as the buzzer went off.

“Way to make a game at the Target Center more exciting than the Timberwolves could for their own fans,” Upper School social studies teacher Chris Stewart told Beatty afterward.

Everyone had a great time playing at the Target Center. There are plans being made to do this again next year. Possibly, it will become a tradition.

New Friendships Between Teachers

As some teachers have left North Lakes Academy this past year, new teachers have been welcomed into the community. These additions to our school have formed new friendships, like the one between math teacher Josh Ogaard and athletic director Jeff Beimert. Dare we call it a “bromance?”

Ogaard and Beimert tend to spend a lot of time together.  They’re both coaches; Ogaard took the position of boys’ soccer coach this past season and is currently the girls assistant basketball coach for Beimert. Also, they’re carpool buddies: both teachers live south of NLA and drive to school together, which has strengthened their bond.

It’s nice to see such great friendships being formed among the staff at NLA. It proves how close our community is.  This new bromance is a friendly reminder to all students that teachers are people too.


Exercise science with Biemert

What is Exercise Science?

Exercise Science is a class taught by Jeff Biemert, our school’s Physical Educator and Athletic Director. It is an elective class where you can receive a Physical Education credit.

Students aren’t always sure if he even knows what he is talking about, but they are currently “learning” about anatomy. Later students will be learning about physiology. Since it is only the first few weeks of class, they are not as in depth and involved as they may be later on.

As all students know, Beimert is easily distracted. Also, he is very easy to get off task, which makes his class very fun for students. Biemert is very hands on, which helps students learn more effectively. He uses students for demonstrations, and the entire class is very open discussion.

There isn’t much to say based off the first week of class. Exercise Science students are learning about the human body. They will continue to the next few class periods.


North Lakes Academy First Basketball 1K

Tuesday, January 21st, Christopher Rosencrantz hit 1000 points in his basketball career during the NLA boys varsity game against Minnesota State Deaf Academy. Rosencrantz does not attend NLA, but he does play for the boys basketball team alongside other homeschool students that also play for the Huskies organization.

Rosencrantz(12), number 22, is the team’s starting point guard. He has been playing basketball since he was in the first grade and has been playing for NLA for three years. He is the first NLA basketball player to hit 1000 points. “It [reaching 1000] made me happy because I reached a goal that I really wanted to get.” Rosencrantz stated, regarding his completed milestone.

This year has potential to be huge for the NLA boys varsity basketball team. Jake Ozment(12) is also getting close to reaching 1000 career points. If Jake can average 20 points a game he can also hit 1000 points in his career this year. Jake has averaged 33 points the last three games he’s played, and he is well on his way to reaching 1000 points.

Everyone is very proud of Christopher and his incredible accomplishment. Huskie fans, who attended the game, showed their pride for NLA’s starting point guard that night.

“I’m happy I have reached this mile stone. I appreciate everyone that was there to support me including my family”(Rosencrantz).