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Sophomores Testing Out of F.S.T.

This year’s sophomore class, and even some of the more advanced freshmen, have shown exemplary skill in the mathematics course Algebra 2. As a result of this, Mr. Stottler sent out letters addressed to all students who showed they have what it takes to test out of F.S.T. and proceed straight to Calculus. According to what Stottler has said, the students who take this opportunity will take a may term class that will give them the basics of F.S.T.

“This won’t be as hard as you think. Most of what you will go over will either be an expansion of or the same as what you went over in Algebra 2… There will only be two sections that you haven’t seen… and we believe you can do well with these concepts as soon as you see them,” said Stottler regarding the jump from F.S.T. to Calculus.

The students who were selected for this opportunity were chosen based on recommendations from their math instructor and GPA averages for that class. Each of these students were sent home with a letter that they were required to turn back in for registration for the class.  There is, however, an important bit of information regarding the letters.  Some students received letters late, right around the time the forms were actually due. Mr. Stottler told students not to worry, he is still accepting any form of parent approval until may term begins.  This could be in the form of a phone call, email, signing the letter, etc.

However, the sooner you communicate your interest in the class, the sooner you can guarantee that you will have a spot to test out of F.S.T.



On Tuesday, April 8, Mr. Saunders fell victim to the sonar calls of a mysterious, lost beeping noise during first period.  While Saunders and his sophomore class were quietly working on their Taxonomy projects for Biology, Mr. Biemert waltzed in, without Saunders’ notice, and sat down smiling in his office. Saunders eventually took notice of this and talked to Biemert, who was wearing a mischievous smile. What they said was a mystery, but as soon as Biemert walked out of the room, the sonar beeping began.  At first, Saunders thought it was a failed alarm that he had forgotten about and began to rifle through his desk to find the phone. When that didn’t work, he interrogated the students until he decided that would yield nothing. So class resumed as normal for the next five minutes until the the sonar like beeping began again.  Saunders froze while the class laughed and Mr. Ogard walked in while the alarm was going off. Saunders sought reassurance from Ogard and said, “I’m not going crazy right?” Ogard smiled and said , “I don’t hear anything. I don’t know what you’re talking about.”  After that Saunders began to show signs of losing his mind. This was further emphasized by the fact the he went a biking trip the previous day and fell, landing on his face. This left him with two large cuts across his face and a few bruises, which led to a few students playfully speculating that Saunders had a minor concussion.

Saunders then happened to walk directly under what he thought to be the source of the beeping in the ceiling. Some students had already speculated this, this, however confirmed it. Therefore, Saunders evicted Ryan Olson (10) from his desk in order to stand on it and rip open a few ceiling tiles to search for the “beeping” device.  This yielded nothing but hilarity and a very frustrated teacher. Saunders then went out to get reinforcements to search for the device by grabbing, Mrs. Cherry, Mr. Biemert, and Mr. Hofland to help search for the device.

For the remainder of the class period, students had to maneuver around the teachers as they searched and dug into the ceiling tiles, which, still yielded nothing. They decided to search a little further during the following lunch period, so Saunders could regain what sanity he had at the beginning of this event. Again this yielded nothing and for the remainder of the week, the sonar beeping continued to drive Saunders crazy. The NLA staff does have it down to a specific time which it goes off every morning which is 8:00-8:30 every Tuesday and Thursday. They do not yet know what device it is that is going off, but many think its a phone. If it is a phone, the question we should be asking is…

“How did it get there?”


Dodgeball Team

Over the last several years, many students at North Lakes Academy have expressed the desire to have a dodgeball team. However it has not been possible for many reasons, one of the bigger issues being there was not an adequate practice space and no one to Coach the team.

This year, however, a gym is being built at the upper school campus and is scheduled to be completed sometime this year. Therefore filing one of the major needs to start a dodgeball team at NLA.

However, the school would still need to find someone willing to coach the new dodgeball team. Eric Nelson said that he may be willing to coach the team, with some conditions. He believes that if this program were to work, the students would need to do the legwork and initiate the starting of the team. Nelson also brought up an interesting way to start the team.

He said, “Why not start with an in school game once the new gym is open and start small? It could be teachers vs. students.”

He was then asked why we should do this instead of going straight to a team.

Nelson replied, “Because its much harder for the teachers to say ‘no’ when they have experienced the fun of the game-or any activity And it will be a fun tradition that we could do that I think that everyone will enjoy. The reason why we would say no initially is because there are many obstacles like finance, equipment, staff, time, ect. that we would have to take into consideration. In other words, its a lot of work and the easy answer is no.  But again, if the students were willing to initiate the program, and do something like this, then you would have a greater chance of us saying yes to this.”

After this, Logan Hollar (10)  went and talked to some of the students at the upper school to see what they thought about not only having a dodgeball team, but about Nelson’s idea as well.

Colton (name)(12) said, “Well, it would definitely get the kids involved and it’s a sport that anybody can  play.”

This also touched on a significant point because dodgeball is in fact an easy sport. If we were to start one, maybe the school could also include a program in which their could be a middle school team as well.

Another important question that was addressed was when the school would participate in the sport.

Alex Wagner(10) said, “Maybe we could do year round rotations for all the different age levels if we make it school wide.”

This would make it easier on anyone who would coach the sport because they would have a lot less kids to manage, and there would be a chance for less cuts (if there were to be any) because the teams would be broken up into smaller groups.

Many students also like the idea of having a teachers vs student dodgeball game to raise awareness for the sport.

Zoe Deal(10) said, “It would be a good thing for everyone, great way to advertise the sport and open up the new gym. And everyone can play, but there should girls involved too, not just the guys.” This again reinforces what dodgeball is all about, everyone having fun and everyone playing.

The possibility of having a teacher vs students game is still just an idea up in the air, but it is beginning to take traction as well. Some student council members are considering it a possibility too.

As Nelson said, “We should start small..” the school doesn’t need to turn this into a huge competition sport. It should become a sport that everyone can play during their off season and if it does become a competition sport, then that should be a bounous.


Spring Break (Gone Wrong)

 Spring Break has already come and gone at NLA,  and lasted only one short week due to Minnesota’s harsh cold winter this year. During this year’s spring break, many of North Lakes Academy students traveled on vacations, hung out with friends, or stayed home making up for lost time on their various game consoles.

Some students stayed in the state and hung out with friends, usually having parties, staying up to, as some say, “ungodly hours” playing entropic card games from three to five in the morning. Before more of this event is disclosed, some background information is in order.  On Saturday, March 16, Spencer Hammerstein (11) decided to host his 16th birthday party.  Every year he hosts this event at his house and invites most of his closest friends to his party. Here they either eat pizza, chips, or this years theme, chinese until they’re on the verge of raising the cholesterol levels to the point of cardiac arrest. They also fulfill the role of the consistently overlooked techno hermit by playing murderous, violent, first person shooter games,  which may have something to do with the problems in our society. Jacob Grinstead (10) admitted to being one of these techno hermits by announcing that he proudly played Modern Warfare 3 during break and didn’t leave his house accept to shop.

This year, however, Logan Haller (10) was invited to this year’s party and he decided to take the liberty of shaking a few things up. He and a few other people were introduced to a card game dubbed O’Joe ba No Joe by Andrew Warren (9) in Math class. Warren’s lead up to describing the game was this, “You will literally cry after playing this… it may from laughter, pain, or both.”

This game consists of reactions, cards, and chaos. The goal of the game is to obtain as many cards as possible laid out on a pile on the table. In order to win a card, one has to complete the correct action corresponding to the card. For example, at the start of every game, there is only one card with one rule. That card is the Ace. When that card comes up on the pile, one has to say O’Joe ba No Joe first, so they win the card and whatever is underneath it. At the end of each round, the person with the most cards wins. The winner then gets to make up a new rule on top of the old one until there are no more cards left to attach rules to. This is where the chaos aspect of it comes into play. Because the game moves very fast, people are having to react on impulse from what they remember about the rules. Because we are human, we all interpret things differently and therefore have varied reactions, usually resulting in hilarity.

At Hammerstein party, this game was introduced at the “ungodly hours” of 3 to 5 in the morning, when everyone was obviously at their peak in cognitive abilities.  At first everyone adapted quickly to the game, but then things became very interesting. The cards and rules were, Aces= O’Joe ba No Joe, 7= touch your nose,  Kings= roll over on your back and do three bicycle kicks, and finally the most complicated and dangerous of all Jack= stand up, rotate your shirt 180 degrees, and sit back down, crosslegged.

So after about an hour of playing this game, all of these rules were in play. There had already been ample time for the development of hilarity and intensity up until this point; therefore, at the start of the next round, as the cards were flipping, Hammerstein said, “I am literally ready to smack myself in the face.”

As soon as he said this, a seven displayed on the top of the deck and Hammerstein let out a very effeminate yelp as proceeded to smack his face and fall over in agony. This isn’t the only thing that happened, however. Evan Klein(11) rolled over to do bicycle kicks, Tyler Patten(10)  stood up to turn his shirt around, and Branden yelled “O’Joe ba No Joe,” and Patrick, Hammerstein’s cousin, quietly and slowly touched his nose, winning the card.

The game had everyone suffering from tears in hysteria at around five in the morning. However there was much chatter through the rest of the night, and persistent abuse of Branden Van Fleet’s (10) ego. Klein would say any name of an ancient empire and Van Fleet couldn’t help but go off on a 10 minute rant on the subject before realizing again how late it was.

For example, Klein would say, “Greeks,” and Van Fleet would sit up and go off on a rant about how they screwed up by overtaxing. Everyone around him would feed Van Fleet their own conflicting opinions, like Hammerstein, who said, “…but Braden, taxes are what we need to let the government control every aspect of our lives.”

After that night everyone decided it was a good idea to get up at eight to eat breakfast, pack up, and leave Hammerstein with his yearly mess to clean up after another chaotic, exhausting, and hilarious party.


Gym Furnishing

Since last fall, when construction was first started on the gym, people have been wondering what the finished product was going to look like. Is it going to have bleachers? Will it have the lines on the floor? What will it look like? Will it have the school colors? All of the questions have been asked by many of both the students and  teachers at NLA. Some have even been answered.

When Jamie Goulet was asked  “Do you know anything about how the Gym is going to be furnished?,” she said, “ It will have basketball hoops and bleachers…scoreboards are already here!  We are starting with basic necessities to have functional facility and then incorporate wish lists after that.” Other teachers and staff members were asked the same question. Chris Stewart touched on an interesting note when asked this. He said, “The Booster Club along with the Capital Campaign Committee are in the process of game planning how to reach out into the community and other potential sources of funding to furnish the gym with a wood floor.”  What Stewart is saying here is that the landowner of the upper school campus has only paid for the construction of the shell of the gym. All other funding has to come out of NLA’s pocket. Which as Stewart later says, “The outfitting of the gym as an activity center is North Lakes’ responsibility.”

Stewart said, “We hope to raise more than $100,000 in many different ways to make the facility meet our needs.”

Details are still a little unclear as to how and what kind of fundraisers the school is planning on doing. What is clear, however, is that the rest of this project is up to NLA.

People also have strong visions as to what they want the gym to look like.

Goulet said, “I would hope that it includes our school colors/logo on the floor and our mascot/logo on the walls. I am all for the basic look of a facility – nothing too fancy, just a floor, pride, and hoops!”  It’s intriguing that she mentions pride because it obviously cannot be built because its not solid. However, on further inquiry as to why she said that, Goulet said,  “The school logo’s, future school song, colors, on the walls – seeing and knowing the atmosphere of Husky pride as soon as you walk into the doors.”

However, there are always those who are less passionate than the rest of us, like Jacob Grinstead (10). He admitted during his interview that he has barely been paying attention to the construction of the gym. Because of the this, he has only just noticed that the support beams were up. Therefore, he had a much more loose vision of what the gym would be. Grinstead said “I hope the Gym is a lot less white than the middle school gym if it has school colors. I also hope that it is bigger than the middle school one…. which by the looks of it, it already is.”

There was also talk of what people thought the first event to take place in the gym should be. Stewart said, “Graduation; what a great sendoff for our senior students who have been told so many times that we would either be a) moving, or b) getting a gym, and then have our best laid plans fall to pieces. They deserve it!” Apparently, this has been an ongoing, unfulfilled promise for sometime now… However, by having the graduation ceremonies in the new  gym would eliminate the need to rent out space, and could potentially save some money.

when Goulet was asked what she wanted the first event to be she said, “I feel that as a school, it should be an NLA wide open house for students, parents, teachers, community members that assisted with the fundraising. After that, then it should be NLA’s 1st student body Pep Fest/Assembly to celebrate our expansion!” Depending on when the gym is finished, the Pep Fest would probably be the next best thing to graduation to open up the gym because one would still get the whole school involved and it would be a very positive experience.

And then there was Jacob who said, “I think there should be a school gathering… At the end of the year because that’s when I think it will be finished.”

These are all just speculation, but NLA knows one thing. Everyone will be happy when NLA has its own gym for all school functions.


Science Wing Change

This last Monday, Mr. Saunders and Mr. Good finally switched to the room s in the science wing. This had been an idea in development for several months now.However, it hadn’t been able to happen because the rooms had not been finished. Mr. Lou was presented with the task of finishing the rooms, which included, leveling and sealing the floor.  Leveling the floor proved to be a nightmare because of the fact the floors were incredibly uneven.

During the Chorus of the change, students in either Saunders’s’ or Good’s classes were, as many said, “Forced into slave labor.”

Jacob Grinstead said, “At least im getting my exercise…. But I like Science Class more.”

However, bringing the cabinets and supplies through the school to get to Saunder’s room wasn’t all work. Zoe Deal(10) and Morgan Selbitschka (10) found a soccer ball among the various items that Saunders had spread throughout his room. Deal and Selbitschka tried both dribbling and passing the soccer ball in the hallways while taking chemicals to Saunders new room. Ironically, Saunders didn’t mind it, but Grinstead tried to take on a rule of authority and stop them from kicking the soccer ball around. They ended up talking in many circles, entertaining the rest of the class.

After everything was said and done, Saunders and Good now are both on the far east wing, sharing a walk in closet with various science chemicals. Tom Lutes has taken Saunder’s old room and desks, and Mrs. Waterworth had taken Lute’s old room.

Acting Casting

Casting for this Year


Since February 4th, Laura Delvillar (known as Mrs. DvD) has been hosting auditions and callbacks for the casting for this years play. The cast is quite large, as it includes both upper and middle schoolers.  This includes Ashley Millerbernd(10), Kyle Spillman(10), Logan Haller(10), Skye Hampton(10), Spencer Hammerstein(11) Katie Christianson(12) and many others, including more middle schoolers.  Although Mrs. DvD doesn’t want to share too much of what the play contains. Although, some information can be shared. The play will about a comedic story of peasant who becomes a gladiator. There is an incredible amount of comedy within the play.

To give you a taste of the play’s comedy, here’s an example. Towards the beginning of the play, Haller and Hammerstein will have to cross dress as girls to get into the ‘palace’ to see the Princess (Christianson). It all ends up going downhill from there. They don’t have any remote social intelligence and fail to talk to any body without embarrassing everyone. However, Hammerstein is frequently complimented on his beautiful, feminine, skin. He also gives advice to the Princess as to how he got his beautiful skin. Basically, he tells her to shove a cream pie in her face and let it marinate for a while before taking it off.

Hammerstein is actually excited for this part. He even said, “I can’t wait to see what I get to wear!”

Both the play performance and practice dates are unspecified. Mrs. DvD is still casting all of the extras and some of the major roles. More information will be available as the casting progresses.

#Thatjusthappened – Social Studies Shenanigans

#thatjusthappened is a new weekly feature of the Husky Press where we feature a short, funny, often bizarre situation that unfolded at school, as witnessed by one of our reporters.  This week, Logan Haller (10) regales us with an account of debate practice gone awry…

Monday, December 2, saw yet another episode of after school shenanigans between Ryan Olsen (10) and social studies teacher Chris Stewart. During an after-school NLA debate team practice the team’s coach, English teacher Tom Lutes, was trying adamantly (but failing tremendously) to tutor the debate team when Stewart came into the commons to show everyone a poster he had received from the Forest Lake Business Association (FLBA).

Apparently, the school received the poster because the FLBA thought NLA was part of the public school district, which promoted it.  Said poster claimed to have all the essential things an adolescent needed to know to survive high school.  On the poster, there was information on many topics: math equations, the fifty states and their capitals, and, strangely, the side effects of crack cocaine.

“I found it comical because of the juxtaposition and how it was phrased on the poster,” Stewart said. The side effects of the illegal substance were phrased as though they were the warning label on an ibuprofen bottle (i.e. “This product may cause heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer, etc.). This, on an educational poster for teenagers, promoted by the school district.

The stage set, Stewart left the debate team in hysteria and Lutes in a conniption, his seemingly productive practice foiled.

Enter Olsen about 5 minutes later, doing his job as a part-time custodian.  His appearance set Lutes on edge because Olsen has a history of taunting Lutes with the vacuum during practice.  He will obnoxiously vacuum underneath Lutes’ chair and those of the rest of the team until Lutes either moves or shouts at him. Usually, this is great entertainment for the team. It also typically lasts a good, long while.

Of course, this time Olsen doesn’t tease Lutes because he knows that Lutes is ready for him and goes about his business.  Meanwhile, the debate team has finally engaged in researching its topic (except for Ashley Millerbernd (10), who was playing Solitaire).  It was about that time that Olsen and Stewart came to the conclusion that they needed to light the Christmas wreath hanging in Stewart’s window.

They carried the wreath into the commons and began awkwardly wrapping it, Olsen standing with the wreath in his hands and Stewart trying to wrap the lights around his arms and onto the wreath. This failed to be the elegant holiday adornment procedure they obviously envisioned it to be and ended up just being a loud tangled mess.  It was at this point that Millerbernd, no longer interested in Solitaire, either, decided to help. Because it takes three people to hang one wreath.

Practice ensued with little complaint after that, until Olsen returned from the wreath-hanging and decided to army crawl underneath the black chairs in the commons.  He states that he had no particular motivation for this, other than that he thought it would be funny. Stewart, being, well, Stewart, acted on a similar impulse and shoved several of the black chairs together to lengthen the “Army-Crawling-Obstacle.”

After Olsen reached the end of the chairs, he refused to come out from underneath them. Stewart decided that he needed some extrinsic motivation, which he provided by leaping up on to one of the chairs, intending to jump on it until Olsen came out.

Until this moment, the debate team had been working on their cases, effectively tuning out the bizarre shenanigans in the background. The loud, rhythmic thumping sound, however, was impossible to tune out.  So was Stewart jumping on a chair, waving his arms about, and yelling at Olsen to come out.

A logical first question would have been “Why are you doing that?” Of course, this is NLA, so that wasn’t it.

“If you were a student, what would you say right now?” I asked Stewart.

Having decided that Olsen was not moving, Stewart disembarked from the chair and considered the question.

“I would tell you to knock it off,” he said,  “However, I’m a teacher. I was providing healthy encouragement.”

Eventually, all the chairs were put back in their places, Stewart went back to his room, the debate team packed up, and Olsen got up off the floor; the only evidence of the shenanigans was that the left side of his face had the impression of the carpet on it.

A few days later, one of the black chairs broke. Stewart would like to emphasize that he is not responsible for that. That happened because Travis Fish (10) was horsing around with it. But that’s another story.

La Bomba Go Boomba: an inside look at NLA musicians @ the UMD Honors Band Festival

On November 9th, students from the Upper School band were nominated to go the University of Minnesota Duluth (UMD).  The nominees were: Spencer Hammersten (11) , Spencer Stanley (12), Kallee Buske (10) , and Logan Haller (10). This player-written feature describes their experiences there.

Transportation (Non)Issues

The date and location of the festival required a little creative maneuvering to get everyone there.  Students who had to be at rehearsals for the Honors Band Festival, which began on the 8th, faced a dilemma because the NLA band concert was November 7th. Director Katie Theis apologized for this; however, grossly exaggerated as the inconvenience of the timing was by some of the students, it managed to work out for a few of them.

Several students went up the night before.  Hammersten and his mother were happy to do so because they were able to get there the night before and arrived at their hotel before 10:00 p.m. Haller drove up to the UMD with Stanley and his mother. They were also able to get to their hotel, The Edgewater Hotel,  before 10:00 and a long night of last minute Pokemon battles ensued until 11:30.

Bassoon Groupies

On November 8th, the hard work began with registration at 8:30 a.m. All participants were given name tags, maps of the campus, and directions to their assigned practice halls. The only Maroon Band member, Stanley, was told to stay in Marshall Hall and join his fellow bassoon players, who are a rare breed. They are so rare, in fact, that Stanley quickly earned a nickname.

“That morning and the next few days I remember being known as “The Bassoon Player” at the hotel Logan and I were staying at. I guess I became so famous because bassoon is such a rare instrument.”

Later, Stanley was asked by a large group of girls what instrument he played. When he told them, they all cheered and gave incredulous looks followed by compliments and wishes for good luck.

Auditions Go Boomba

The other three band members, Haller, Hammersten, and Buske, were destined for the Gold Band. Each had to go through auditions that helped the directors learn the skill levels of musicians (most or all of whom they had just met).  For clarinetists Hammersten and Buske, chair placement was also determined by this audition. Hammersten was ecstatic about his chair placement, because he was able to get first clarinet, second chair, a huge leap from where he was last year: second clarinet, fourth chair in the Maroon Band.

For percussionists, the audition process determined what parts one would be getting; each musician auditioned on his or her favorite instruments, because the percussion section has many.  Haller received parts for the drum set and the bomba – a large heavy drum with a deep sound that is played with huge mallets.

His motto quickly became, “La bomba go boomba.”

The Maestro

The conductor for the Gold Band was a guest conductor from Brazil, an  instrumentalist. He was referred to as “The Maestro” by most of the students and some of the staff. “The Maestro” did not take offense to this. Rather, he thought it was funny. The UMD had  a solid relationship with him from past concert experiences and it wanted to play some Latin/South American music for the Festival concert.  One of those pieces was “Suite Nordestina.”

“It was a very upbeat Latin piece with many layers of rhythms and harmonies that were beautifully played at the concert,” said Thies.

Epic clarinet parts and water park shenanigans

Hammersten, Haller, and Stanley met at the cafeteria for a meal.   As the the three of them conversed at lunch, they talked about their experience: what practice was like, what their favorite music was, etc.

Hammerstein said, quite often and quite passionately, “’Lord Tullamore’ is my favorite piece because of the EPIC clarinet part in it. I also like the rhythm  intensity in it as well.”

After lunch was more rehearsal and then most of the Honors Band students went back to their hotels to eat and sleep to get ready for the next day because they were so tired. Hammerstein, Buske, and their families followed this idea. They and their families went out to Red Lobster for dinner and then went to sleep.

Haller and Stanley had other plans.

The pair decided that they were entitled to a few hours of relaxation at the hotel’s indoor water park.  The hotel, trying to draw in as many visiting Honor Band students as possible, was offering a complimentary ticket to the indoor water park for each person.

Haller and Stanley went into the water park and enjoyed bending the waterside rules (going down backwards with eyes closed). They also enjoyed the hot tub and lazy river.  The evening ended with Pokemon games.

Seasoned musicians learn new tricks

The following day, all of the students were to return to their practice hall to do some last minute, which was closer to 5 hours worth, of rehearsals before that night’s concert. Everything went about the same as the day before, except, after lunch, all the students of the same instrument or section were to meet in selected rooms with teachers for “section rehearsals.” Hammerstein and Buske learned some great new techniques for their instruments.

“I learned from the clarinet professor-his name escapes me- the difference between playing down and playing out,” Hammersten said. “He said something like this, most beginning clarinetists will try forcing as much air into their instrument as possible in order to play higher notes, but there is a much easier way to do it. He said to play ‘out instead of down.” In other words, it is easier to play the clarinet’s higher notes by shrinking the amount of air going through one’s mouth and increasing the pressure at which it is coming out instead of forcing as much air as possible very quickly through the instrument. Interesting side note: this can cause lightheadedness as well as some dizziness for newer players.

Stanley also learned some new techniques, but he was more focused on the fact that he was surrounded by his instrument, which is so rarely seen. In fact, he was not only surrounded by this instrument, he was surrounded by high quality versions of it. Therefore, the major point that Stanley took away from his sectionals rehearsal was this: “I need to buy a new, better bassoon…”

Your destination is invalid

The concert took place at Marshall Hall and kicked off with quite a long speech given by “The Maestro” about his travel and how he enjoyed working at the UMD over the past few days.  Much more memorable than that, however, was the impromptu performance that happened next.

After the Maestro was done giving his profound speech and as the band was waiting in that dead silence that comes right before a song starts, the most unbelievable thing happened: a cell phone went off. It wasn’t just anyone’s cell phone: it belonged to a French horn player who was on the stage.  Furthermore, it wasn’t just any ringtone, either.

“Your destination is invalid” Siri informed the musician, the electronic voice echoing off the walls of the auditorium.

The audience burst into laughter, but the conductor was not so happy. “The Maestro” stared at the poor French horn player so coldly that, Haller recalled, “…it was surprising that she didn’t start crying.” As she tried to turn off her phone, it made loud *beeps* and *boops*.  By this point, not only was the band struggling to hold it together, but “The Maestro” was struggling to find a balance between mirth and outrage as he stared down at the errant musician.  He settled for “very sick” looking.

 “All I could think about while we were playing the first song, ‘Lord Tullamore’ was ‘Did that really just happen?” Hammersten said.

The rest of the concert went smoothly.

Everyone agreed that they would be more than willing to go again next year.

“It’s sad because I really enjoyed going and performing at UMD, but now that I’m a senior, I won’t be able to,” said Stanley.  “I’ll miss it.”

Thies has agreed to send students to the UMD Honors Band Festival next year.

Girls Soccer Loses 4-1 at Home

The NLA Girls’ Varsity Soccer Team has lost its September 3 game 4-1 against Bethany at home.

The girls started strong in the first half with Laura Stolz (12) shooting and scoring within the 18 yard line on a penalty kick.  Sadly, Bethany ended up scoring 4 goals after that. Despite the loss, Coach Ben Saunders felt that the team played well.

“If we continue to work hard, and have fun, this will turn out to be a great season,” Saunders said.