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NLA Visits Festival of Nations

Last Friday, over half of the student body went on a field trip to the Festival of Nations. The Festival of Nations was held at the Saint Paul RiverCentre and showcased a variety of food, exhibits, merchandise and performances from over 100 nations across the globe. Students had the opportunity to immerse themselves into a wide variety of sights, smells, tastes and cultures that they otherwise wouldn’t have known about. Students also had the option to purchase a passport to remember all of the countries and cultures they were able to learn about. Many students had a positive experience at the Festival of Nations.

Haley Hutchinson (11) said, “I ate food. That’s all I did. I ate pizza. It was good. Oh wait, I watched the dancers and they were really good.”

“Well I wandered around and I got lost but the food was good and it was really fun being able to be with friends.” Zoe Deal(10) commented about her experience.

Logan Haller (10) said, “The bazar was packed and so many kids had those loud bird whistles.”

Even though many students were annoyed with those loud bird whistles, students thoroughly enjoyed the Festival of Nations.

Twitter Fights

At North Lakes Academy, Twitter is the most popular social network for students to use. Many use Twitter to  express their feelings, talk to their friends and post pictures. Sometimes fights are started over Twitter and many students find the drama annoying. But there are a select few that seem to find themselves right in the mix of many Twitter fights. When asked, some of the students that are involved in Twitter fights the most had a lot to say.

“I fight on Twitter because people offend me, my morals and values or because I’m sticking up for someone or something. Some Twitter fights are bogus and usually nothing gets resolved.” Ashley Millerbernd (10).

Another student that has a reputation for initiating the vast majority of Twitter battles is Travis Fish (10). Fish had very little to say on Twitter fights. When asked all he had to say was, “Twitter fights are amazing!”

These are just two of many students at North Lakes that like to get involved with Twitter fights. Without fights, Twitter would never be the same.


Taco Bell Breakfast

On March 27th, Taco Bell unveiled a new line of breakfast foods to serve to their customers. They have released various delectable breakfast creations such as the Sausage Flatbread Melt, the Breakfast Burrito and the AM Grilled Taco. One of the most creative and popular items added to the menu is the Waffle Taco.

The Waffle Taco, according to the Taco Bell website, is a “warm waffle filled with scrambled eggs, cheese and your choice of bacon or sausage served with a sweet side of syrup.”

Another popular breakfast menu item is the AM Crunchwrap. The Taco Bell website describes the AM Crunchwrap as, “Fluffy scrambled eggs, a golden crispy hash brown, real cheddar cheese, creamy jalapeño sauce and your choice of bacon, sausage or steak wrapped up in a warm flour tortilla and grilled, so it’s good to go.”

As many of you may know, Taco Bell is very popular among the students at North Lakes Academy. The news of the long-awaited arrival of the delectable delicacy known as Taco Bell breakfast spread across the school like wildfire. Many students even received free breakfast coupons from the management at the local Taco Bell as a reward for their daily visits to the fast food chain. Many students enjoyed the new Taco Bell breakfast items and had plenty to say about them and whether or not it lived up to the hype students had given it before they’d even tried it.

When Haley Hutchinson (11) was asked what she thought of the breakfast, all she could say was, “It was delicious!”

When Jackson Newbauer (11) was asked what he thought of his breakfast, he said, “It was bien. No, not just bien, Muy Bien!”

These were just two opinions that can be closely compared to the student body’s reaction towards the new breakfast. If the rest of the world agrees with North Lakes, then the Taco Bell breakfast was overall, a success.


This is the first year that the National History Day Nelson awards have been awarded to NHD participants for their hard work and dedication to their respective projects. The NHD awards are decided on by fellow classmates which make the awards even more special for the recipient. There were seven awards up for grabs this year. There was awards for the best website, the best documentary, the best exhibit board, the most creative project, the biggest procrastinator, most knowledgeable and the most likely to go to nationals. After students voted on who they thought deserved to win these awards, the votes were tallied and the winners were determined. The best website went to Ryan Olsen (10), the best documentary went to Noah Nei (10) and the best exhibit board went to Brandon Rowe (10). The most creative project went to Keeley Gray (10), the most knowledgeable on their topic went to Kallee Buske (10) and the biggest procrastinator went to Vinny Thies (11). The highest award given was the most likely to go to nationals award and that was awarded to Spencer Hammersten (11) for his performance.

When Noah Nei (10) was asked how he felt about winning the Nelson for the best documentary he said,

“It was quite a rewarding feeling, although I felt like I did not deserve it, it was exciting to win it.”

Also when he was asked how he felt about the fact that his fellow students gave him this award he said,

“It was really nice to feel the support from my friends, but I wish the awards were given by actual judges that weren’t my friends for more accuracy  and thats partly why I don’t feel like I deserved the award.”

Overall, the Nelson Awards were a huge success among students, creating an even more exciting atmosphere around National History Day.

Silent Auction 2014

Once again North Lakes Academy is hosting their annual Italian Dinner and Silent Auction to raise money for the school. This event is one of the major fundraisers NLA has throughout the year.

 Mrs. Cheri, the coordianator of the event, told the press what the raised funds were going towards, “As a Charter School we do not receive some of the local funding that the resident districts receive. Therefore, we rely on the generous donations from the community and outside vendors to achieve our academic goals. Your contributions will help strengthen our goals for our students.”

There are various items being raffled and auctioned off this year to raise funds for the school, such as:

Chanhassen Dinner Tickets (2) $62.00 value each

Koppy Motors Sales (2 Free Oil Changes)

Timeless Elements (1Hour Massage or Customized Facial)

Shoreview Community Center (1 Family Pack) Day Pass

Believer Boxing Gym (2 Month Family Membership) $150.00 value

Saints Baseball (4 Admissions) to a MAY game

Guthrie (2 Tickets) to One play $140.00 value

Radisson/Water Park (2) all day passes to MOA Water Park

Old Log Cabin ($50.00) Gift Certificate

MN Zoo (2 Admissions) (2 Admissions w/Parking) $86.00 value

Nina Marie Studios Free Sr. or Family Portrait Session W free 8X10 Print

… and much more!


Also, there are many baskets, created by various students, that raffle off for $1.00 each:

Hollywood movie, Everything Chocolate, Rainy Day, Grilling, Everything Orange and many more baskets themes.

We also have two exciting raffles:

$5.00 for a computer and a $10.00 Raffle for a chance to win an IPad (1st place) or a set of Solid Oak “Husky” Bean bag boards(2nd Place).

Also, if the students raise a total of $5,000.00 by Friday the middle schools’ Mr. Mendenhall and the upper schools’ Mr. Nelson will both shave their heads. If you or anyone you know is interested in helping make the Italian Dinner a success, you can contact Mrs. Cheri at

NLA Adds Three School Days to School Year

This winter there have been many snow days not due to snow but due to the blistering cold. On February 11th, the School Board voted to add three school days to the calendar: February 17th (A Day), March 7th (A Day), and March 31st (B Day).

NLA is not the only school that is adding days. Most major districts have added anywhere from one to four school days to their calendar: Forest Lake, White Bear Lake, Osseo and Apple Valley are adding two days. Minneapolis Public Schools has added four days.

Students are less than thrilled about the decision. With the National History Day deadline coming up on February 25th, many had set aside the day off to work on projects. Others were just deeply disappointed there would be no impending long weekend.

“Oh screw that. Oh my God!” said Chelsea Halvorson (11).

Jordan Bakke (11) admitted he was disappointed when he learned school would be held on Monday.

Some students had absolutely no idea what was going on, like Parker Call (11), who responded to a query on his thoughts about the schedule change in the following way:

“Wait a minute… there’s three additional school days this year?”

This response represents another problem: the schedule change is pretty late-notice. Phone calls and email messages went home to families on Tuesday night at about 8:30 in an effort to warn people as early as possible, but many still are unaware.

So remember to come to school on the extra three days – even though you know you probably won’t.


Flappy Bird Takes NLA by Storm


This week a new app has taken the world by storm. Flappy Bird. Flappy bird is a game in the app store with simple graphics. The objective of the game is very simple. All you have to do is keep your bird in the air by tapping the screen and navigate the bird in between tubes. This app is just a basic game with a very simple goal. Well at least it sounds simple.

Many students at NLA are obsessed with the addictive app and can’t stop playing it. Travis Fish (10) is one of these addicts, and when asked why he likes Flappy Bird so much, he said while playing the game, “I don’t know… After this game.”.  He seems to enjoy the game, but most students are just flat out frustrated with the game.

“I downloaded Flappy Bird on a snow day and it took a whole day to get past two. It makes me want to kill myself. I also get competitive with other students like Dylan Klein (11) and Evan Nei (9) and they’re good and they make me sad because I can’t get over 30 and they have like 50.” Kaylee Krogstad (12)

“Flappy Bird makes me want to shoot babies! I’m kidding! But it has taken over my life and I think I’m an addict.” Haley Hutchinson (11)

“I hate this game! Oh my God I get so frustrated.” Ashley Millerbernd (10)

As you can see, many students at NLA put all of their emotions into Flappy Bird. Whether it’s excitement because they broke their record, being focused on weaving through the tubes or frustration because of their low score, everyone at NLA has something to say about Flappy Bird.


Student Of The Week

The Husky Press is starting a Student of the Week story that spotlights different students each week at the upper campus. These articles will contain information about the students, and help you get to know your fellow classmates! This week’s student spotlight goes out to Dylan Klein(11).

Years At NLA: This is my first year at North Lakes, so I’ve been here a half of a year.

Favorite Color: That’s a personal question I’d rather not answer… but my favorite colors are blue, red and green.

Favorite Thing About NLA: My friends Noah Nei, Aaron Herr and Travis Fish.

What do you Want to do After High School: Umm…go to college…umm… yeah that’s it.

Something people don’t know about you: I don’t know…umm… I’m a pro skier and pro golfer and I’m better than Tiger Woods. Actually, I’m the white Tiger Woods.

Best Friend: My best friends are Noah Nei, Aaron Herr and Travis Fish.

Favorite Class: Lunch, because I get to see Travis… and Travis is a sexy beast.

Is there anything else you’d like to share: Noah and Travis are the cutest couple in school.