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World Series!

Last week, the North Lakes Academy’s advanced gym team wrapped up their World Series baseball tournament. This 3-week long journey was a blast for most of the students involved and is surley something to be remembered!

The first game started out just like any other baseball game, with the exception of the equipment used, (a tennis racket and tennis ball were used for safety reasons),  the teams were chosen school-yard style and positions were chosen. Oddly, the teams were pretty evenly matched this time, which is rare, so there was little complaining to Mr. Beimert.

Once each team had been established, they had to figure out which position would be played by whom in the field. This was mostly random with the fastest players gravitating toward the outfield. This meant that Brandon Arm, Dylan and Derek Beatty, Robert Shamota, Joe Wright, Colton Thell, and Spencer Stanley were all time out field. The honorary pitchers for each team became Brandon Arm and Mr. Beimert for team two, and Blake Hansen for team one.

After the positions were established, the games begun! There were constant pop flies and home runs, along with caught line drives and double plays. After the first few games, the initial leeriness of playing baseball was gone. This was war.

Because the teams were so evenly matched, the war was constant for some time. Battle after battle, the winners simply went back and forth. Robert Shamota would smash the ball into a home run, only to have Dylan Beatty zoom over and catch it a second before it hit the ground. Katie Christenson would be lined up to snag the winning catch, only to have the ball slip right though her frozen fingers. Every player contributed something amazing to their team.

Sadie Thornberg caught the third out in the last game which helped to keep her team in the lead. Blake Hansen smashed in a home run with two players on base scoring 3 points for his team. Branden Flash tagged several people out at home plate keeping his team in the lead. Courtney Ketchel hit a base run advancing a runner home and scoring one point for her team. Kaylee Krogstad struck out several batters at home plate, and Ty Nosser caught the ball that ended the 3rd inning of the 3rd game. Not to mention the countless balls caught by the outfielders on both teams!

Some of the most memorable moments of the gym class’s baseball extravaganza came at the most unexpected times. Like when Robert Shamota was up to bat, the outfield had backed up a considerable amount, like they always do, to catch his guaranteed far hit. However, instead of smashing it high into the outfield Robert whipped out a surprise line drive that flew directly into Mr. Beimert! After several cries of laughter and shouts of “Are you okay?” Mr. Beimert assured everyone that he was fine, and planned on getting Robert back somehow.

Another memorable moment came in the 6th game. Tensions were running high as the scores were tied, team 2 was up to bat, and the bases were loaded. After a smashing hit the runner on third headed home and made it. The runner who had started on second base was not far behind however, when he got to home plate the ball was there too. After some plowing of the catcher and dropping of the ball it was unclear if the runner had been safe. The catcher and the runner began to argue, and without hesitation, Mr. Beimert jumped in and resolved the conflict. The runner was upset as he had been called out, but the two boys continued to play the game as if nothing had happened.

In the end, everyone loved the World Series. Sadie recalls her favorite moment being “When I caught the ball with my mitten hands.” And Katie Christenson loved the feeling of winning. Ty Nosser being the boxer he, is said his favorite part was “When they (The runner and catcher) got in an argument.”

Team 2 ended up winning the World Series with a close call of 4 games to 3! After all was said and done each team voted on their MVP. Team 1 had a tie between Blake Hansen and Derek Beatty, and Team 2 voted Joe Wright. No matter what team won, or who became MVP, everyone loved this smashing event put on by our beloved Mr. Beimert and all hope for a similar event in the future!

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Thanksgiving

Most people know why we celebrate Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving was started in 1621 by the pilgrims who came to America, to celebrate a bountiful harvest after a long period of poor crops.The tradition went on from there, and we still celebrate it today. However, most peoples knowledge doesn’t go past that. Here are 8 weird and interesting facts about Thanksgiving that you can show off around the dinner table.

1.)  Mashed potatoes, and cranberry sauce were not foods present on the first Thanksgiving’s feast table.
That’s right, the most common elements of today’s feasts were not around the table at the original Thanksgiving Day feast. The Pilgrims had cranberries at the first meal, but not cranberry  sauce, why, because they had an abundance of cranberries, but sugar was a delicacy, one they would not waste on making cranberry sauce. They had no mashed potatoes, because they had no potatoes in the first place.

2.) Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade used to use live animals instead of floats.
Instead of gigantic balloon animals, Macy’s used to have live animals, which they borrowed from the Central Park Zoo, that they paraded around town in their annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Felix The Cat.

It wasn’t until Goodyear made the Macy’s their first balloon animal, Felix The Cat, in 1927 that the giant balloon animals became popular.

3.)Pumpkin Pie was not around at the first Thanksgiving.
Although we all think pumpkin pie is absolutely necessary to  have on the dessert table at Thanksgiving, the Pilgrims would beg to differ. The ingredients used to make pumpkin pie were rare and expensive back then, so they decided to pass on this one. However, during the second Thanksgiving they decided it was worth the extra money and made it anyway.

4.) The Detroit Lions started the Football-on-Thanksgiving Tradition.
The Detroit Lions  needed a way to boost their amount of fans, so their newly appointed owner scheduled them to play a game against the Chicago Bears, on Thanksgiving. Now why the Bears you ask? Well, the Bears were the champions at the time, so this game was sure to bring in viewers from all over the country.

Unfortunately for this guy, turkey became kind of a big thing.



5.) There was NO Turkey at the first Thanksgiving.
That’s right, the biggest and most important part of today’s Thanksgiving meal was not around at the first one. What did they eat? Deer, and a lot of it. Turkey later became associated with Thanksgiving, because there was a huge abundance of turkeys running around, and they became more practical than deer were.

6.) It is a Presidential Tradition to pardon one turkey each year.
Each president picks one turkey every Thanksgiving and sends it off to live out the rest of its days in the place of the Presidents choice. Thus sparing one turkey from being slaughtered each year. Last year President Obama pardoned a turkey named Courage, and had him sent to Disney Land.

7.) How do you know if your cranberries are ripe? Bounce them.
If you bounce your cranberry and it bounces 4 inches or more it is ripe! As odd as it sounds this actually works. If your cranberries are over or under ripe, they likely won’t bounce at all.

8.) Thanks to Thanksgiving, we have TV dinners.
In 1952, Swanson had 260 tons of left over turkey from Thanksgiving! What ever could they do with so much turkey? They decided to make TV dinners out of it all. If it weren’t  for Swanson, we may not have the delightful, plates of joy that accompany us as we watch re-runs of Friends in our basements every Friday night.


There you have it, 8 crazy things that you never knew about Thanksgiving, and if you did know them, then you are likely a Thanksgiving junkie! Or an Elementary school teacher. Now go spread the word about all the weird things you learned!

Where are they now? The Alumni Of NLA.

Where are the alumni of North Lakes Academy? What happened to our first graduating class? The Husky Press has taken on the task of tracking down our alumni and seeing where life has taken them. Our first stop: Kaia Hale.

Kaia graduated from North Lakes Academy in 2011, part of NLA’s first graduating class! Kaia attended NLA from sixth to twelfth grade. After graduating from NLA, Kaia went to college at the University of Minnesota Duluth.

She took some time to tell us about her college experience. “In high school, I thought I would be pursuing my Biology degree right now, on my way to becoming a Veterinarian. But after trying that for a year and a half, I realized that it is not my dream in life. My major is International Studies now, and I’m really excited about it! It’s not exactly what I had planned, but that doesn’t bother me.” With her major in international studies, Kaia hopes to become a humanitarian relief worker.

Being a college preparatory school, North Lakes Academy works hard to prepare their students for college. Kaia agrees with this, saying, “NLA gave me good test-taking skills. They also gave me a lot of self-confidence because I was so close to my teachers at NLA. I am very comfortable talking to my professors in college.” However, she does think they could work on one thing. “They could have been more college preparatory by cracking down on students who don’t do their work. Being more strict will help students because when they get to college it will be a huge shock for them when they expect the professors to be lenient, but they aren’t.”

This feeds into the many differences between high school and college. “Instead of teachers seeking you out when they realize you need help, you have to seek them out. You have to go find professors if you want to get to know them. You don’t just know them because they are your teachers,” says Kaia. College also has “huge classes and unforgiving professors” which came as a huge shock after the tiny classes at NLA.

How is college going for Kaia? “The best part of college is all the freedom and having your friends around. There are a million opportunities here, lots of clubs, and so many people to meet.”

Kaia (third from left), with some college friends.

“Last year I was in Coloring Club, Pre-Vet Club, and Broom Ball. I plan on joining more clubs this year. There are also cool benefits like free bussing and free food at certain restaurants, just for attending this school. It is cool to be a part of something like this. However, the worst part is being away from home.” But college isn’t all fun and games. Kaia says the hardest part is “staying focused, buckling down and keeping up with studying and homework.” Kaia admits, “I’m pretty dang broke. College isn’t cheap! And it’s not easy to find a job up here, but I’m trying!”

Another problem high school students worry about is losing their friends from high school once they graduate. But Kaia says not to worry. “I’m still really good friends with people from high school. Whenever I come home I usually hang out with at least a couple of them, and we keep in touch over Facebook, Skype, texting, etc. while I’m up here.” Don’t worry, you will make it work.

Kaia wants every high school student to make sure that, “Instead of taking advantage of the fact that NLA teachers are very engaged and concerned about you doing well and they cut you a break every once in a while, practice being on top of things now because you will have to do it eventually, and it will be easier to practice in high school rather than facing a rude awakening in college.” Amen!

Homecoming Candidates: Cody Miller and Kirsten Thiele

The Husky Press recently sat down with the members of the 2012 NLA Homecoming Court.  Here is an interview with candidates Cody Miller and Kirsten Thiele.

HP: How did you feel when you were elected to the court?

CM: “I was very honored and surprised to find out I was elected to run for homecoming king. I am excited for some friendly competition; I have known Noah (the other candidate) for a long time now and he thinks that no matter who wins it will be fun.  [And the girls are] both really friendly and super awesome!”

KT: I am super excited about this competition. I am privileged to be running against such a nice, awesome girl” (Shylo). I have no idea who will win. It will definitely be an even competition.”

Homecoming Candidates Noah and Shylo!

In the past two days, the Husky Press sat down with Homecoming candidates Shylo and Noah to ask their thoughts on some things.

HP: “How did you feel when you were told you got picked for homecoming?”

Shylo: “I felt really honored.”

Noah: “I felt honored.”

HP: “When did you learn about getting picked?”

Shylo: “I found out on the Friday before hand.”

Noah: “I found out before.”

HP: “Shylo, how did you feel when you found out you were running against Kristin? And do you think that one of you has an advantage over each other?”

Shylo: “I don’t feel like we have an advantage over each other, I feel that it’s going to be a close race. Both of us have the athletic experience and school spirit – plus, everyone knows us.”

HP: “Noah how do you feel about running against Cody.

Noah: “I think it’s fun. If Cody wins, I’m going to be happy, and if I win, I’m going to be happy.”

It seems that this is going to be a very close race.  No matter what the outcome, everyone will be supportive and happy. Good luck candidates!


Homecoming Traditions!

As the thoughts of homecoming start coming to some minds, another thing has caught mine. The thought of traditions. Now I have only been here for a year so thinking about these and what some others ones I wanted to know. I looked to the top two people I could think of, Mrs. Sanders and Mr. Nelson. I also looked to some upperclassmen, Noah Branum and Cody Miller.

Tierney: “What are some of the homecoming traditions?”
Mrs. Saunders: “There’s the pep rally, going over to the middle school, and all the sports games.”
Mr. Nelson: “We have the dress up days, Culvers, our elections, flag football, tailgating, and new for this year, the golf tournament!”

Tierney: “What is your favorite tradition here at NLA?”
Mrs. Saunders: “Crowning the king and queen!”
Mr. Nelson: “Focusing on welcoming back everyone to school.”
Noah: “Just seeing everyone come together and having a great and fun time.”
Cody: “I like watching everyone come together from our school and having a great time.”

Tierney: “If you could create a new tradition, what would it be and why?”
Noah: “I would make the games bigger, and get more people pumped up and excited to go to all the games!”
Cody: “I would add some more festivities and make everything more fun!”

Even though we have a bunch of traditions, I learned that this small school makes it a BIG deal! From everyone I talked to most of them said they enjoy how we all come together for a celebration!


Homecoming Highlights: Teacher Dress Up Day