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North Lakes Academy First Basketball 1K

Tuesday, January 21st, Christopher Rosencrantz hit 1000 points in his basketball career during the NLA boys varsity game against Minnesota State Deaf Academy. Rosencrantz does not attend NLA, but he does play for the boys basketball team alongside other homeschool students that also play for the Huskies organization.

Rosencrantz(12), number 22, is the team’s starting point guard. He has been playing basketball since he was in the first grade and has been playing for NLA for three years. He is the first NLA basketball player to hit 1000 points. “It [reaching 1000] made me happy because I reached a goal that I really wanted to get.” Rosencrantz stated, regarding his completed milestone.

This year has potential to be huge for the NLA boys varsity basketball team. Jake Ozment(12) is also getting close to reaching 1000 career points. If Jake can average 20 points a game he can also hit 1000 points in his career this year. Jake has averaged 33 points the last three games he’s played, and he is well on his way to reaching 1000 points.

Everyone is very proud of Christopher and his incredible accomplishment. Huskie fans, who attended the game, showed their pride for NLA’s starting point guard that night.

“I’m happy I have reached this mile stone. I appreciate everyone that was there to support me including my family”(Rosencrantz).


NLA Basketball: Season Intro

Although North Lakes Academy as a school is not known for its athletics, basketball has been on the rise and is continuing to pose a threat in the Eastern Minnesota Athletic Conference.

The team started in 2009 with zero wins and a fresh, young team that hadn’t become accustomed to the sport quite yet. Last year in the 2011-12 season, NLA, with Judd Yaeger as Head Coach, blew through the EMAC Conference maintaining a record of fourteen wins and only two losses.

The Huskies still pose a huge threat to the EMAC Conference coming off of their record from last year, and now with all five starters being seniors, they’ll be looking to dominate the conference once again.

“I always expect to compete. I expect to be in the top three of the conference every year. I believe we have the talent and dedication to compete for the EMAC title this year. If we give our best effort, I cannot ask or expect more,” said Judd Yeager, Head Coach for the NLA Huskies Basketball Team, regarding the expectations for the 2013 season.

Last year the team came close, but wasn’t able to make it all the way and did not win the EMAC title for 2011-12 season. With the starting five all in their graduating year, it is their time to shine. Although having the fantastic five starting this year, the Huskie team is suffering a tough loss this year. Last year, Senior Brandon Flom, graduated leaving the team behind, this put a significant dent in how the Huskies play defensively.

“Our defense is key to our success. We don’t have a lot of post presence to advance far, so we will utilize our depth at guard and wings. We will defend the ball wherever it is on the court, all game long.”

Defense is always something the Huskies team has had to emphasize on, particularly because it’s something they struggle with as a team. Losing Flom as a strong defensive player was and will be tough for the team. Now new players are going to have to step up defensively, like Dylan Beatty(12) and Kyle Spillman(10).   Beatty and Spillman are going to be a huge part of the defense this year, and have stepped up to the demands Yeager has made to his team.

Although defense is something the team tends to struggle with, offense is its strong suit. Christopher Rosencrantz (12), who plays the role of point guard, is one of the fantastic starting five and plays a huge role in this year’s offense. Although the Huskies offense is completely team based, Rosencrantz plays debatably the most critical role on the court for the Huskies.He’s the shooter; wherever he is on the court, the ball is in his hands, ready to fire.

NLA is in its prime time year for Basketball this 2013 season. Games will start to be played soon, and the season is just around the corner. This is NLA’s year to dominate, make sure you come support the team as often as you can.


We Win!

On the night in September 2013,the North Lakes Academy Girls’ Varsity Soccer Team beat Hope Academy 3-1.
NLA scored two goals in the first half of the first half, but Hope Academy came back, scoring one. At the beginning of the second half, NLA scored again.
When the team does well, they pass and they communicate, according to coach Ben Saunders.
Saunders is looking forward to the team’s first “mud Game.”

NFL Predictions Week 10: Lions vs. Bears

The National Football League is now on to week ten and things are starting to take shape into a close. This week the top game that the teachers here at North Lakes Academy have been looking over will be played in Chicago against the Bears and Lions. Again Eric Nelson and Christopher Stewart face off against  each other to see who knows the game more. Both with an impressive knowledge of football, but who has the superior mind?

Stewart seems to side with logic yet again. Although Stewart isn’t quite sure about the Bears taking a win away from the Lions, it’s definitely a tough decision. Because both teams play so well offensively, it’s going to have to narrow down to their defense.

“I think the biggest issue between these two teams is that they both have high power offenses, so its really going to be about their defense.”

Although Stewart realizes that the Bears running game is constantly getting better and they do have the home field advantage, it still could swing either way. The Lions are a great team, with weapons like Calvin Johnson who quarterback Joe Stafford uses to his advantage. With advantages in their offensive passing game like this, the Lions loom over the Bears in this aspect. With a guy like Stafford and Johnson, who constantly are setting eachother up for points, it can be tough to beat.

“With a guy like Calvin Johnson and Stafford, it’s really just like they’re playing catch, and its just like backyard football with your buddies. if they can’t get to Stafford or they can’t guard against Johnson, yeah its going to be tough (for the Bears)”

Nelson seems to have different opinions. Although Stewart tends to sway toward his logical opinions, Nelson on the other hand keeps his predictions to his gut feeling. Nelson has a tremendous amount of respect for the Bears, and he’s thinking they’re going to step all over the Lions on game day.

“Going to pick Bears by three, with the final score twenty four to twenty one, if Cutler is back. The Lions defense  is excellent, but the Bears offensive line and Trestman’s offense has really excelled this year. The Bears seem to be legit and this will be the ultimate test! If the Bears can contain Megatron and the defensive line can protect Cutler, I’ll be right!”

Needless to say Nelson sides with his good old Bears team. Never the less, even he knows the game will be so very close.

With this week’s predictions there can only be one victor between the two teachers here at NLA, who do you think will win?

Stewart stated that “It’s the NFC North, its almost impossible to predict” and he definitely is right about that one.

It’s definitely going to be a close game needless to say.


NFL Week Nine Sports Predictions with Mr. Stewart

Eric Nelson and Christopher Stewart, teachers at NLA, have a passion for football. They like to compete by predicting the outcomes of National Football League games. Week Nine is just around the corner, and both find the Green Bay Packers a dominant threat in the league. Luckily this week they face a competitive matchup against the Chicago Bears and the outcome is in the air.

Gustavus Football Alum Stewart states the Bears are a good team, but in the end, are suffering too many injuries and losses. They don’t have the weapons to take out the Packers. Along with the injuries the Bears are suffering, they’re facing a team whose running game has been taken to a whole new level. The Packers have decent offense men and Packers QB Aaron Rodgers makes them even better.

“The Packers run offense is getting there. In just eight weeks, with Eddie Lacy from Alabama, it’s gone kind of crazy. Rodgers is kind of like that Tom Brady type, where if he’s got that little talent around him, he can make them into superstars,” Stewart stated. “The x-factor will be who can control the clock,” he said. “I honestly think the Packers have a better chance and most likely will take the game.”

Nelson is currently out of state doing work with his Geopolitics project, but is still active on ESPN and keeps a close eye on the games. Though a dedicated Bears fan, Nelson’s vote still swings to the Packers on this one. His enthusiasm for this week’s matchup was uncontainable.

“This is one of the greatest rivalries in sports! I’m going to have to go with the Packers winning 35-34, since Cutler’s out and I’m sure Eddie Lacy will be out dominating. I hope it’s a close one!”

Tune in Sunday to see if these teachers truly know what they’re talking about.

NLA Girls Soccer Conference Tournament

The NLA girls soccer team had their first tournament of the year on last Tuesday, October 22. The tournament, located at Blaine National Sports Center, was against Hope Academy.

The girls were very excited to be playing in the tournament, which is the first the team has ever participated in.

“I am really excited for the game,” said Maria Svenkenson (10), “It is a great opportunity for the team.”

The first half went very smooth with 3 goals being scored by Claire Radatz (9) in the first 8 minutes.

“I am really proud of Claire and how well she did this season, said Abigale Millerbernd (12).

In the second half the girls took it up a notch, scoring 4 more goals. Breanna Knutson (12) and Radatz each scored one and Laura Stolz scored two. Stolz and Haley Hutchinson (11) led the aggressive center offense as they made many runs to the goal assisting in over 15 shots.

The team also kept up great defense with exemplary efforts from Anna Stolz and Kiera Haller (7).  Anna Stolz (8) trapped many airballs with control, which helped the girls keep possession of the ball. Haller did very well keeping the ball away from offense by going to the outside.

In the first half, Hope Academy was only able to make three shots on goal, none of  which went in. In the second half, Hope Academy was able to make two goals on Millerbernd, the keeper.
“I thought the team did really well,” said Millerbernd. ”We did have a few bumps, but I thought we passed really well.”

The final score was 7-2, the NLA Huskies being the winners.

Kyle Spillman (10) was one of the students that came to watch the game.

“The game was very fun to be at despite the cold,” Spillman said. “It was awesome seeing the girls show Hope what we are made of.”

The girls will now be preparing for the conference championship tournament Thursday, October 24th at 4:00pm, also at the Blaine National Sports Center.

Come cheer on the girls on Thursday as they compete for the first conference title!

NLA Huskies Volleyball Season Overview

At North Lakes Academy, the girls’ volleyball team is something that brings out school spirit in many, and for good reason.

NLA is unlike regular public schools; it doesn’t have football teams, hockey teams or any real contact sports. Without sports like these and lacking a big homecoming game, NLA students turn their attention to the sports the school does have and takes pride in them. For North Lakes, volleyball games are a place to cheer, see friends, and share their pride for the school they attend and for the Huskies team. This year, NLA put itself on the board for volleyball and became a dominant team in the conference. It was a great year to watch and the girls loved playing even more.

“This year, the girls really met our expectations as a coaching staff” Assistant Coach Chris Stewart stated.

Now that the 2013 is finished, the coaches and players are able to look back and see the incredible advances in team chemistry, playing ability and skill that was gained over the season. This incredible advancement in playing ability resulted in a great season and countless wins.

“This year we had more wins and a better record than we ever had done before” said Jeff Beimert, the team’s head coach, in reference to the team’s 7-4 conference record.

The team played incredibly well this season, leading the Huskies to become a threat in and outside of its conference.  The 2014 season has even higher hopes.  At this rate, NLA will continue to be a dominant presence not only in its conference, but statewide.

Lady Huskies Set Sights on Conference Title

The North Lakes Academy girls soccer team has been having an outstanding season so far. Now, with the EMAC Tournament as the only game remaining in this incredible journey, the girls have set their eyes on a conference title.

“We have worked so hard and so well together this year,” said Sophie Cloutier (11). “I couldn’t ask for a better team.”

This year, NLA’s team is made up of 16 students in grades 7-12. The team has four seniors: Kenzie Hale (center mid), Abbey Millerbernd (keeper), Breanna Knutson (forward), and Laura Stolz (center mid). Team captains Stolz and Hale have been on the team since its start in 2009.

The road to a conference title has been long since those early days.

“We’ve improved both technically and tactically,” Stolz said. “Our ball skills have gotten so much better, from first-touch to making quality passes, and tactically we are able to view the field and make good choices both on and off the ball.”

As for things the soccer team can do better, Stolz believes they should continue practicing foot skills and communication. With the present attitude, she is confident about improvements.

“I think our work ethic and attitude are really good,” she said. ”Everyone out there is working hard to help each other. And we always have fun at practices!”

In addition to improving technically, the team has become very tight-knit over the years.

“When I first started, the team didn’t really know each other well,” said Cloutier, who has been on the team since 2010. ”Now we are like sisters. We can trust each other.”

NLA is part of the Eastern Minnesota Athletic Conference (EMAC) which consists of four teams from around Minnesota who play each other twice each season. Added to these are games against other small schools.

The EMAC Tournament will be held at 4pm October 22 & 24 at the Blaine National Sports Center. Come out to watch the Huskies make their bid for the conference title.

Girls Soccer Loses 4-1 at Home

The NLA Girls’ Varsity Soccer Team has lost its September 3 game 4-1 against Bethany at home.

The girls started strong in the first half with Laura Stolz (12) shooting and scoring within the 18 yard line on a penalty kick.  Sadly, Bethany ended up scoring 4 goals after that. Despite the loss, Coach Ben Saunders felt that the team played well.

“If we continue to work hard, and have fun, this will turn out to be a great season,” Saunders said.

Huskies Volleyball Continues to Blow Through Competition

Here at North Lakes Academy we’ve always been known for our school pride. We may not be one of the biggest schools, but we sure care and support one another like one. On Thursday, September 12, our very own Huskies took on Spectrum at Crossroads for one of our first home games. That night, the Huskies showed who they really were and demonstrated how a small, proud school can overcome the odds.

Spectrum is a higher class A school, with many more students than NLA.When teams faced off, it was a true triumph of teamwork and school spirit for all of us here at North Lakes. This game proved to the many NLA supporters and fans that we have a shot of making it big time, and this is how it happened.

There was a series of four games that took place that night and the first was bitter. North Lakes struggled very much throughout the majority of the first game. It looked quite close for most of the game.  When the score reached 16-22 with the Huskies down, everyone knew the first round was over. It was hard to look at from the stands and even harder for the girls on the court, but they didn’t count themselves out yet. There were still plenty of games to play, and the girls still had plenty to prove as well.

After a tough first match up against Spectrum, the Huskies put on their game faces and went into the second game with spirit and pride. Spectrum scored the first point but after that, the Huskies had a run of points with some important plays made by Miranda McGlade (12). After a nice run by the Huskies, Spectrum closed the gap, leaving the score at 11-9 with the Huskies still up and playing. After a lot of  back and forth across the scoreboard, the Huskies took back their dignity and beat Spectrum 25-19 in the second game. If they continued to play like they did that second match up, they’d have been in the clear. But the night wasn’t over, and there were plenty more of surprises.

With the third game starting, Huskies fans were all over the place cheering and shouting for this ferocious team. The Huskies again gained an early lead starting out above Spectrum 11-2, which led to a timeout. After that short break, Spectrum began to close the gap. Only after that did the Huskies take advantage of their offense, leading the game 18-13.  Another timeout was called by Spectrum. Again after another short break, Spectrum managed to exploit their offense and yet again evened up the score 22-22 with only three points to go. The next three points were nail biters for both sides of the bleachers, but the Huskies clutched the third game 25-23.

One more game was all the Huskies needed to wrap the night up. The final game started off slowly with scores flying back and forth across the scoreboard until Rayna Yeager (10) stepped up to serve. She led her team well, putting them on a huge point streak that benefitted them throughout the entire game. By the time she was done, the score was 15-4.  After that incredible streak, Spectrum began to close the gap. Although Spectrum started to improve, they were no match for the game the Huskies played. With some incredible plays in the fourth game by Sophomores Liv Dufour and Katie Alamo, the Huskies easily finished the last game winning 25-18 leaving the fans going wild!

Yet again the Huskies showed a dominant performance. Come join the fun next time and cheer on your very own Huskies Volleyball Ladies!