NLA’s 2013-14 Yearbooks are Now Completed

Both campuses of North Lakes Academy have been working very hard on creating a unique yearbook for students to enjoy. As of last Friday the yearbook was completed, including the final touches that Mrs. Luschsinger needed at add.

Editors Kaylee Krogstad, Rachel Lou, Abbey Millerbernd and Autumn Percy held the class to high expectations and put countless hours into editing the book before it was print ready. Along with the editors, the students also worked hard all year taking pictures and getting quotes from fellow students for the yearbook. They used their creativity to layout and design each individual page in very unique ways.

Throughout the year there was some struggle for the yearbook team, but in the end they pulled through. For spring sports at NLA, the weather had a huge factor on the late start for sports. The bad weather didn’t just affect athletes at NLA, but also the yearbook team. It was difficult for students who were creating the yearbook to get quality pictures with the late start to spring sports. However, the yearbook team didn’t let the weather affect the quality of the pages and refused to take no for an answer.

The yearbook team tried to get each student in the yearbook at least three times, which at times was a struggle. Naomi Scott, who was part of the yearbook team, explained that

“We [the yearbook team] even got the new students in the yearbook at least twice and their picture in their grade even if they came to North Lakes the week before deadline.”

The yearbook staff put countless hours of work into this years yearbook, and the students have had plenty of positive feedback on the final outcome. If you ordered a yearbook they should be here before school gets out June 5th.

Cinco de Mayo Party

This year is the third year Mr. Montes’s Spanish classes will be hosting a party to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. The Spanish one students will decorate the halls and the Spanish two students will be cooking traditional food. This is always a fun time to take a break and enjoy Spanish fun.

The party is an opportunity to have fun and learn about the Spanish culture in a different way. It’s an exciting time with school winding down and may term coming to have a party.

Kids are excited to cook traditional foods like tacos, nachos, and traditional Spanish cake and cuisine.

Josie Schlosser will be making fruit smoothie drinks while Sophie Crowell will be making churros. Sydney Welsh will be making Guatemalan rice. That’s only just a few off the dishes that will be served for the event.

Although the idea is already highly anticipated this year, Mr. Montes is still hopeful for the tradition to continue and already finding ways to improve the event. Mr. Montes spoke about an idea for next year, “next year the French kids could put up a table.” he said eagerly hoping to expand the event.

The party will be during fourth block and will be lots of fun with foods, music and decorations. Come and enjoy Spanish culture and food.

Students Denied Access to Vehicles During Advisory

Students here at North Lakes Academy Upper school are upset because they are no longer able to walk out to their cars during school hours. They feel that they should be granted the freedom if they need to grab something such as sporting attire, lunch boxes, ect. The question that everyone is asking is why aren’t students allowed to go out to their cars?

According to Cam Stottler, the new rule was put in place because…

“We expect students to come to school prepared for the day, we ask that no students leave the building to access vehicles for forgotten assignments, lunches, or anything else they may need.  Two main reasons – one, we expect and encourage students to come prepared for the whole day.  Two, we feel allowing students to go to their vehicles requires supervision and is a gray area that we are not willing to take on with our current structure.”

Some students find that not being able to go out to their vehicles during advisory to grab certain accessories or items is unfair and shows that teachers and staff don’t trust the student body.

The reason that students aren’t allowed to go to their vehicle may be reasonable in some ways, such as it teaches students to be more responsible. It teaches them not to forget things they need and it prepares them for their future. However the topic is touchy, because there are also legitimate reasons for students to be able access their vehicles during lunch. Although the issue is still hot in the school, it has been determined that students won’t be able to access there vehicles during advisory without punishment. 





Sophomores Testing Out of F.S.T.

This year’s sophomore class, and even some of the more advanced freshmen, have shown exemplary skill in the mathematics course Algebra 2. As a result of this, Mr. Stottler sent out letters addressed to all students who showed they have what it takes to test out of F.S.T. and proceed straight to Calculus. According to what Stottler has said, the students who take this opportunity will take a may term class that will give them the basics of F.S.T.

“This won’t be as hard as you think. Most of what you will go over will either be an expansion of or the same as what you went over in Algebra 2… There will only be two sections that you haven’t seen… and we believe you can do well with these concepts as soon as you see them,” said Stottler regarding the jump from F.S.T. to Calculus.

The students who were selected for this opportunity were chosen based on recommendations from their math instructor and GPA averages for that class. Each of these students were sent home with a letter that they were required to turn back in for registration for the class.  There is, however, an important bit of information regarding the letters.  Some students received letters late, right around the time the forms were actually due. Mr. Stottler told students not to worry, he is still accepting any form of parent approval until may term begins.  This could be in the form of a phone call, email, signing the letter, etc.

However, the sooner you communicate your interest in the class, the sooner you can guarantee that you will have a spot to test out of F.S.T.


First Meet for the Track Team

The upper school track team competed in their first meet on the 22nd of April this year, the 9th annual Leo Bond Meet in Fairbault, MN. Overall, the girls came in 5th of 7 teams and the boys came in 7th of 8 teams.

Alexandra Munkelwitz (11), a year-round athlete at NLA, came in first for the varsity 100 meter dash with Laura Stolz (12) coming in .19 seconds behind, taking second.

Munkelwitz also tied for second in the high jump and placed fourth in the triple jump. An event similar to the long jump where one skips rather than jumping with two feet into the pit.

“She did really well,” said Will Tiedeman (10) enthusiastically praising his teammate.

The girls relay team placed 2nd, with Isabel Thompson (9), Stolz, Munkelwitz and Katie Danielzuk (7).

Mrs. Thielen, the track coach, commended Danielzuk’s performance saying it was “remarkable” because she was put into the relay last minute in place of an absent teammate.

Tiedeman put in a notable performance, setting a personal record of 28 feet 11 inches in shot put.

“It’s not that great, but I was surprised,” said Tiedeman humbly about his performance.

The Track Team performed well and represented North Lakes Academy in a very competitive, honorable way.

NLA Prom 2014

Unlike previous years, North Lakes Academy’s 2014 Senior/Junior prom will not be held on a boat. Location is not the only change, and definitely not the only shock to students. The date for prom recently changed from May 3rd to May 10th due to venue scheduling issues that occurred.

The date was first changed because there were no available boats for the chosen date. For other dates there were only larger boats available, which are more expensive and would result in higher prices for students who buy prom tickets.

“I like how it’s not on boat because then if I get mad at my date I can leave” says McGlade(12) when asked her opinion on the change of location.

Seniors will enjoy the change because it will be a significant difference from previous years. The last three years Prom has been held on a boat, and the change in scenery seems to be what Seniors have been looking for.

“I like that it’s different because I’ve gone three times already and the change is nice” Arm(12).

The Dalles House was found and chosen because it is a cheaper venue and something new will be an exciting experience for everyone.

This year there will be two food choices, one being a vegetarian option and the other being Alfredo Sauce.  

The changes will be exciting for everyone. We aren’t sure yet if this will become a tradition or not.

Sophomore Noah Nei(10) stated that he would prefer the change stayed.

“Personally I would like it to stay off a boat because there would be more room.”

We will see how this year goes and hope that the change stays for years to come.

The Countdown to Summer

Here at North Lakes Academy Upper School, the excitement for summer is growing tremendously. For students and teachers here at NLA, the countdown has begun! Now that all the snow has finally melted and the temperatures have been above freezing, students and staff have started to bring out the Spring/Summer clothes.

In the 2013-2014 school year there’s only thirty days left of school. Yes, that may seem like a lot, but May Term is included in those days! We have ten A days and ten B days left, but for the students in biology classes, who will be  going to Audubon, it’s even less. The even better news is May Term is only twenty days away for students.

“I honestly want school to be over for this year because I’m looking forward to sleeping in and not having every day be busy with something.” Naomi Scott said, wishing for summer to come quickly.

However the warm weather could come with some consequences. Since the weather has been nicer students have been focusing more on enjoying the weather outside rather than their homework. According to some teachers, since the weather has gotten nicer students have turned in less homework and their grades have begun to slip.

Twitter Fights

At North Lakes Academy, Twitter is the most popular social network for students to use. Many use Twitter to  express their feelings, talk to their friends and post pictures. Sometimes fights are started over Twitter and many students find the drama annoying. But there are a select few that seem to find themselves right in the mix of many Twitter fights. When asked, some of the students that are involved in Twitter fights the most had a lot to say.

“I fight on Twitter because people offend me, my morals and values or because I’m sticking up for someone or something. Some Twitter fights are bogus and usually nothing gets resolved.” Ashley Millerbernd (10).

Another student that has a reputation for initiating the vast majority of Twitter battles is Travis Fish (10). Fish had very little to say on Twitter fights. When asked all he had to say was, “Twitter fights are amazing!”

These are just two of many students at North Lakes that like to get involved with Twitter fights. Without fights, Twitter would never be the same.


MCA Testing Inconvenient or Worth While?

With the MCA flung on students and the rumors going around that the MCA’s don’t count towards graduation, students are curious whether it is even worth while. Some students complained how last year was so much preparation while this year not so much. Students barely even knew about the testing until Monday night. Also people wondered if this even counts toward graduation because of the rumors that are going away next year.

Well this truth about that is

Although MCA’s are old school and somewhat a waste of time, they are necessary as of this year. However is it really necessary to have a morning of testing and then 40 min classes after?

How are you supposed to learn after just putting all your energy into a test that might not even count for anything? Not to mention that your lunch was shortened by ten minutes.

Sophie Cloutier (11) said this about advisory being shortened advisory being shortened was pointless. We were separated for 160 minutes of no talking today. Our advisory was well deserved.

Seniors don’t even show up, freshman get to watch movies. Many sophomores/juniors are upset by that fact and think it is unfair that others get to slack of while they have to test. They are wondering where there fun is. Also they were also angered by the fact that they were held in classes for way to long and could finish the whole test but weren’t allowed to. Then tomorrow they have to do it all over again what this makes no sense.

The silver lining is that next year there will be no MCA’s and just an ACT, which is required for College anyways.

Mr. Darwin Retiring teaching at NLA

Mr. Darwin has been teaching social studies and geography at North Lakes Academy since August 1999, one year after the school’s opening in 1998. A teacher for exactly 40 years (started in 1974), Mr. Darwin feels it is “time to move to another phase of [his] life.”

Mr. Darwin has been at NLA since the beginning. He has seen all of NLA’s growth and change and has watched countless groups of students come and go.

“I told the seniors 4 years ago, ‘I’m leaving when you’re leaving’”, said Mr. Darwin. He kept to that agreement deciding that 2014 would be his last year at North Lakes Academy.

Fellow teachers have many memories with Mr.Darwin.

“Some of my favorite memories of him include his whistling/humming in the hallways, his wonderful beard (some years) and his genuine personality,” said Dan Mendenhall, the lower campus science teacher who has known Mr. Darwin for 8 years.

Andrea Yaeger, a 5th and 6th grade teacher, has known Mr. Darwin for 6 years and fondly remembers the yearbook pictures of him with crazy masks on.

“I will miss his gentle spirit and love for our students,” said Mrs. Yaeger.

Other staff at NLA have known Darwin for even longer.

“I have known and been friends with Mr. Darwin for 15 years,” said Ms. Cheri, NLA’s administrative person, “I have always had a special place in my heart for Terry and always will.”

Though Mr. Darwin has created many memories with teachers, he has created even more with his students. Darwin is known throughout NLA for the genuine relationships and care he shares for the students.

“I will miss the students the most, and the fun of learning from each other,” said Mr Darwin.

“He was very talkative,” started Claire Radatz (9), who had him as a teacher last year, “He really cared about you and wanted to know about your life.”

“My favorite memory would have to be may term making birdhouses,” said Raeanna Munkelwitz (9), “He always found a way to make us laugh.”

He has impacted many of his student’s lives and will surely continue to do that even after his retirement.

There will be a party to celebrate Mr. Darwins time at NLA on May 9th at 7 pm. As Mr. Darwin takes a new journey into life with his retirement and family we will join together and celebrate the 15 years that he has spent with us. Throughout the years here at NLA, Mr. Darwin has touched every one of our lives. Join us for coffee, punch, and treats. There will be special speakers, stories, memories, laughter, and a whole lot of fun! The party will be at the North Lakes Middle School. Anyone is welcome.