Annual Cookie Sale Underway for NLA’s Girl Scouts

By Mae San Nicolas

March 18, 2024

Forest Lake, Minn. – Girl Scout Cookie Season has started in full force across the United States, with beloved flavors such as Thin Mints & Samoas making a return in 2024. 

For starters, not much has changed since last year, except the cost. Cookies have gone up in price by one dollar – your box of Thin Mints will run you $6 instead of $5. Shrinkflation has not come to the boxes, fortunately enough— the packages still contain the same amount of cookies as they did in the past, with the same great flavor. 

There are many places to find cookies. For starters, check outside your local stores for the trademark pop-up booths. You can find them outside any business; the Girl Scouts just have to ask if they can set up shop out front. The Forest Lake Wal-Mart is an excellent place to look. Another good place to buy cookies is from a specific Girl Scout you would like to support, such as a niece or sister; a new QR code system has been implemented where you can purchase directly from the individual by scanning. 

The sales of cookies fund multiple opportunities that give back to the community. Cookie sales provide Scouts with funding for field trips and trips to provide community service, like going to Feed My Starving Children. 

Unfortunately, cookie sales have been slow this year. According to Kassy Sjobolm (11) who has been a member of the Girl Scouts since kindergarten, she has only sold around 500 boxes as of right now. Compared to the past years, in which she has regularly sold 1000 boxes every season, this is a massive decrease in sales.

The sale runs through March 24th, so if you are craving a box of cookies some time this week and would like to support a fellow student at the same time, order cookies directly from Sjoblom using the QR code below.

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