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Sports Update

Tuesday, December 2nd, both the boys’ and girls’ basketball teams played home games in the Activity Center. This was the first game of the season for the girls, the entire team was more than excited to finally get to play an official game in the new gymnasium. Unfortunately, the girls lost to Lakeview Christian with a score of 47-12. The boys’ game was much closer, but they still suffered a loss with a score of 73-55.

Updated by Keeley Grey

Newly Mysterious NLA Mascots

Students and parents were surprised to see three men run out onto the court wearing blue full body suits during the opening girls’ and boys’ basketball game. The men in these suits are none other than Andrew Warren (10) and Zachary Germany (12). The point of these new Mascots is to encourage NLA’s teams and inspire more school spirit.

Yes, during the opening night there was three blue men on the floor. Social studies teacher Eric Nelson was only a temporary third member; Warren and Germany are currently looking for a permanent third member.

They have yet to come up with an official name, but have been dubbed as “the blue men” or “the blue man group” by students all over North Lakes Academy. They will be performing at most major events that involve the newly constructed Husky Den, such as the girls’ and boys’ senior night for basketball and the Frozen Five week. Although NLA no longer has its cheerleaders, it now has Mascots.


Written by Madelyn Leonard

NLA vs. PACT Varsity Basketball

The North Lakes Academy boys’ varsity basketball team played a home game against PACT charter school on November 24th. NLA has played PACT before, but has never won.

“They’re better than we are because they’re a double A school and we’re a single A, it’s a lot harder to beat a school with the size that they have,” said Noah Nei (11).

Single A and Double A refers to the size of the school. When asked if he thought the NLA boys’ team would win, Nei replied, “Optimistically yes. Realistically, I’d have to say no.”

Unfortunately, Nei’s prediction was accurate. The boys lost with a score of 77-26.


Written by Keeley Gray

Grand Opening for the “Husky Den”

On Thursday November 20th North Lakes Academy celebrated The Grand Opening of the new Activity Center and West End of the upper-school campus. The festivities included; the ribbon cutting ceremony, tours of the West End, a NLA Husky cake with custard from Culvers, and the Junior Varsity and Varsity boys basketball games. 

Students from both the upper and lower school campuses came to celebrate the new additions, and cheer on the basketball teams. Mrs. Ottjes, the upper-school band and choir teacher, coordinated a pep band and conducted the choir for the National Anthem before the Varsity game. Student Body President Katrina Hanson(12) had the honors of cutting the ribbon to start the activities at the Activity Center with the Forest Lake Times.

The turnout for the Grand Opening was phenomenal, the gym was so crowded that Mr. Stottler, NLA’s school dean, had to bring out chairs for other guests because the bleachers were too packed. A job well done for NLA’s Kennel Club! The three Blue Men helped instigate the insane spirit that was shown while the boys played.

The Junior Varsity boys played hard against Math and Science Academy. The JV boys only lost 26 to 30 putting up a good fight, trailing their opponents by only a couple points the entire game. Coach Sundeen agreed saying “I thought we played very well, we only lost by four.”

The Varsity boys also played well. They lost 28 to 63, but never gave up. Neither did the crowd, especially when Jackson Newbauer(12) scored the first three points, shooting from beyond the arch. Newbauer continued throughout the game leading the team, scoring a total of 13 points; 3 three pointers, 1 two, and both of his free throws. Noah Nei(11) was second, with a total of 7 points; 2 two pointers, and 1 three pointer.

“As a team we underestimated our opponents. So when they came and hit us hard we didn’t know how to react. Our hustle level was low, it seemed like we didn’t know what to do. As a team we took good shots (barely any went in) we didn’t attack the rim, or go for the rebound. Like I said it seemed like we weren’t ready, we didn’t have a (alumni) Cody, Oz, Rose, or Beattys, to help us out. We didn’t step up. We didn’t talk, or really communicate either.” said Kyle Spillman, captain of the Varsity squad, regarding the game.

Although the loss was tough on the team, NLA’s last game against PACT went smoother all around. Even with the loss fans had lot’s of fun encouraging the team, every second of the way. The Blue Men Crew kept the fans involved and pumped throughout the game.


Written by Katie Alamo

The Curse of Nelson

The North Lakes Academy boys’ soccer team didn’t experienced a win this season, and haven’t ever. They have been playing six years and continue to suffer loss time and time again. Students and players have grown tired of the continuous struggle for victory. They have finally developed a conspiracy for their constant losing streak, pointing a finger straight at NLA’s History teacher Eric Nelson.

“I think that Eric Nelson is the cause of bad luck this season,” explained Devon Beimert (12). Nelson has taken a lot of flack for his inexperience as a coach from his previous years, as well as the curse he created for the boys’ soccer team. “Since this goblet was made it’s only brought on bad luck. I wouldn’t care if the goblet were broken before a win.”

“The Goblet” of the boy’s soccer team represents “The Goblet of Fire,” a tall, slender wine-like glass with the names of five former players inscripted on it with Sharpie. The goblet was created by NLA’s history instructor and former soccer coach Eric Nelson.  It is supposed to represent “The Goblet of Fire” from the Harry Potter series.

“The goblet is supposed to be broken with the first win,” explained Brandon Rowe (11).  Obviously, it is still intact, indicating that there has not been such an event.

The team didn’t get a chance to bring home a win this year. Although they experienced another year of struggle, through their losses they have received gratification. Recently, after losing 0-19 to an opposing team, soccer Coach Joshua Ogaard received a letter from a parent of a player on that team.  It read:

“When my son got into the car after the game the first words he said to me were ‘Those kids are awesome.’ I had hope that he had seen what I had from your players on the field. He went on to point out that they never gave up, they were smiling all the time, no trash talking and they were honest when a call by the ref went their way when it shouldn’t have. He did see what I saw from the stands. When teams in many sports get down on the scoreboard, they often refer to cheap unsportsmanlike play. I saw none of that last night. Your kids worked hard, never gave up and carried themselves with great dignity when the cards were stacked against them. I noticed that even after the last goal with fifty-four seconds left in the game, the boys were still hustling to get the ball back to center field to get the game rolling again. As a parent and coach of many different soccer, baseball and basketball teams over the last eight years I would take that over a state championship any day. It is obvious you are doing something right with these boys. You should be very proud of them and I assume you are. Thanks for your time.”

NLA’s sports organizations have always been recognized for their sportsmanship within the Eastern Minnesota Athletic Conference. The boys’ soccer team even got praise from NLA’s dean, Cam Stottler (@NLAStottler), for their attitude and sportsmanship.

“I couldn’t be more proud of the type of students we educate. Boy’s soccer shows how you can win even when losing,” said Stottler. The players are satisfied with the character win. Although they haven’t won for years, their attitude has brought them a long way. “The team doesn’t care if they win or lose,” said Kyle Spillman (11), “all that matters is that the team gets to hang out and have a good time.”

Although the curse is still an active part in the culture of the NLA’s boys soccer group, it hasn’t stopped them from performing to the best of their abilities. Some day a win will become a reality for these boys, the goblet will be no more. Until then the boys soccer team lives under the curse of Nelson, peering through the darkness thirsty for victory.


Written by Angela Adams

First Meet for the Track Team

The upper school track team competed in their first meet on the 22nd of April this year, the 9th annual Leo Bond Meet in Fairbault, MN. Overall, the girls came in 5th of 7 teams and the boys came in 7th of 8 teams.

Alexandra Munkelwitz (11), a year-round athlete at NLA, came in first for the varsity 100 meter dash with Laura Stolz (12) coming in .19 seconds behind, taking second.

Munkelwitz also tied for second in the high jump and placed fourth in the triple jump. An event similar to the long jump where one skips rather than jumping with two feet into the pit.

“She did really well,” said Will Tiedeman (10) enthusiastically praising his teammate.

The girls relay team placed 2nd, with Isabel Thompson (9), Stolz, Munkelwitz and Katie Danielzuk (7).

Mrs. Thielen, the track coach, commended Danielzuk’s performance saying it was “remarkable” because she was put into the relay last minute in place of an absent teammate.

Tiedeman put in a notable performance, setting a personal record of 28 feet 11 inches in shot put.

“It’s not that great, but I was surprised,” said Tiedeman humbly about his performance.

The Track Team performed well and represented North Lakes Academy in a very competitive, honorable way.

Spring Sports Affected by Weather

With this crazy weather we have gotten the past few days, our spring sports schedule may be affected. The rain gave many athletes hope that the snow would melt, until that rain unfortunately turned into snow. As long as snow is on the ground, track can no longer go outside even for a warm-up. Softball and Baseball are also unable to practice outside due to snow, and games have already been setback due to the unpredictable weather.

NLA has already had 7 baseball/softball games postponed and 1 track scrimmage cancelled due to the weather. And with this upcoming snow storm, there may be possibly more to come.

The first baseball and softball games were supposed to be played on April 1st, but the weather played an April Fools Joke on North Lakes Academy athletics and they have been postponed. Now the first games are scheduled for the week of April 14th.The first track meet is supposed to be on April 17th with high hopes that all this snow/rain will not affect the meet.

Hopefully by the end of next week track will be able to be outside for practice. No one really knows when baseball and softball will be able to have practices held outdoors. We can only hope for warm weather and all this snow to melt soon.

Dodgeball Team

Over the last several years, many students at North Lakes Academy have expressed the desire to have a dodgeball team. However it has not been possible for many reasons, one of the bigger issues being there was not an adequate practice space and no one to Coach the team.

This year, however, a gym is being built at the upper school campus and is scheduled to be completed sometime this year. Therefore filing one of the major needs to start a dodgeball team at NLA.

However, the school would still need to find someone willing to coach the new dodgeball team. Eric Nelson said that he may be willing to coach the team, with some conditions. He believes that if this program were to work, the students would need to do the legwork and initiate the starting of the team. Nelson also brought up an interesting way to start the team.

He said, “Why not start with an in school game once the new gym is open and start small? It could be teachers vs. students.”

He was then asked why we should do this instead of going straight to a team.

Nelson replied, “Because its much harder for the teachers to say ‘no’ when they have experienced the fun of the game-or any activity And it will be a fun tradition that we could do that I think that everyone will enjoy. The reason why we would say no initially is because there are many obstacles like finance, equipment, staff, time, ect. that we would have to take into consideration. In other words, its a lot of work and the easy answer is no.  But again, if the students were willing to initiate the program, and do something like this, then you would have a greater chance of us saying yes to this.”

After this, Logan Hollar (10)  went and talked to some of the students at the upper school to see what they thought about not only having a dodgeball team, but about Nelson’s idea as well.

Colton (name)(12) said, “Well, it would definitely get the kids involved and it’s a sport that anybody can  play.”

This also touched on a significant point because dodgeball is in fact an easy sport. If we were to start one, maybe the school could also include a program in which their could be a middle school team as well.

Another important question that was addressed was when the school would participate in the sport.

Alex Wagner(10) said, “Maybe we could do year round rotations for all the different age levels if we make it school wide.”

This would make it easier on anyone who would coach the sport because they would have a lot less kids to manage, and there would be a chance for less cuts (if there were to be any) because the teams would be broken up into smaller groups.

Many students also like the idea of having a teachers vs student dodgeball game to raise awareness for the sport.

Zoe Deal(10) said, “It would be a good thing for everyone, great way to advertise the sport and open up the new gym. And everyone can play, but there should girls involved too, not just the guys.” This again reinforces what dodgeball is all about, everyone having fun and everyone playing.

The possibility of having a teacher vs students game is still just an idea up in the air, but it is beginning to take traction as well. Some student council members are considering it a possibility too.

As Nelson said, “We should start small..” the school doesn’t need to turn this into a huge competition sport. It should become a sport that everyone can play during their off season and if it does become a competition sport, then that should be a bounous.


NLA Basektball: Ozment breaks 1K

On Saturday, January 22nd, Jacob Ozment (12) joined Christopher Rosencrantz (12) at reaching 1,000 points in his basketball career. This night was the NLA boy’s basketball EMAC championship game against Christian Life School held at NOVA Classical Academy.

Ozment has been playing basketball for four years and has been playing for NLA for three. He needed to score four points in this game to reach 1,000, which was a simple task for this Senior.

Husky fans all wanted to know how Jake felt about his accomplishment, and his simple answer was, “better than a churro for a dollar”.

Some were skeptical he would not reach his one thousandth point due to his injured shoulder. Even Jake himself didn’t think he was able to play that night due to the injury. At the previous home game, senior night, Ozment separated his left shoulder. For Jake, this was a huge setback, considering he is a left handed player.

The game was very close and enjoyable for all Husky fans to see. It concluded with a win of 81-71. Not only did Jacob reach this milestone the team also won their game that night, putting them at first place in their EMAC conference.

There were many fans there supporting the team and Ozment, with signs and a lot of loud cheering. NLA is very lucky to have such a supportive student body and parents that attended the sporting events, making them extremely exciting.

NLA Husky’s Last Home Game

On February 18th the girls and boys basketball team had their final game of the season at Central Learning Center in Forest Lake. The girls team played at 6:00pm and the boys at 7:30pm. It was Senior night to celebrate the Seniors last home game before they leave High School to start college and start their career.

Coach Yaeger began the guys game by starting all the Seniors to celebrate Senior night. There were some great points made from Cody Warren and Christopher Rosencrantz. Jake Ozment even powered through the first half with an injury to his eye that he suffered during the Spectrum game the previous week. However, he went out during the second half due to a new injury to his shoulder.

The girls team played Shattuck as well, and had a great game and dominated the first half with rebounds. Their shots were consistant which helped them take over the first half, but they slipped during the second. They were neck and neck the entire second half until the last couple of minutes during overtime. They ended up losing the game with 31 to 37.

It was a fantastic season for the Huskies Basketball organization. The boys won the EMAC Championships. The girls took 5th in the EMAC Conference, which is the highest they’ve placed since the organization began. It’s been a successful year for Huskies athletics.