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Life of a Multi-Sport Athlete

By Kaden Hine

Tanner Rosenthal is an eleventh grade student at North Lakes Academy. He is also a part-time PSEO student, takes part in AP classes, and plays multiple sports. Today, I interviewed him to get an inside scoop on what the life of a multi-sport athlete is like, both in sports and out.

Kaden: First question: Who has supported you the most while playing sports?

Tanner: My parents

Kaden: Great. Next question: What are the sports that you play?

Tanner: I run cross country, I play baseball, and I run track.

Kaden: Do you have a favorite (sport)?

Tanner: Nah, they’re even.

Kaden: They are all even? Every single sport?

Tanner: Uh, Baseball and cross country are tied.

Kaden: Ok. Next question: What was your favorite moment while playing sports?

Tanner: Probably hitting a home run at 11-U traveling.

Kaden: Was it a close game?

Tanner: No

Kaden: No? Were you up or down?

Tanner: We were down. It was for Andover and we lost to Forest Lake.

Kaden: Ok, Next question: How much sleep do you get per night during the sports seasons?

Tanner: Like 6 ½, 7 hours.

Kaden: That’s good. That’s pretty good for being a PSEO (student) and sports player.

Tanner: It’s not bad

Kaden: One of my last questions: Where is your favorite place to run?

Tanner: I like to run on the Hardwood Creek Trail, the North South Trail in Forest Lake.

Kaden: Do you like it  hot or cold (when you run)?

Tanner: Definitely cold. Like a lot better than hot.

Kaden: That’s it.

Tanner: Thanks for having me!

Kaden: Of course! Thanks for letting me interview you.

Building Strength with Weight Training Club

By Zander Rothstein

Forest Lake, Minn. – North Lakes Academy students are growing stronger thanks to the Weight Training Club. The club is for students who want to get in shape, build muscle, or just lift weights with friends. 

Brandon Rothenhoefer, also known as Mr. R to students, is the staff advisor for the club, and he has a positive outlook for its future:

“I see this club lasting the rest of the year, going into summer, and as well starting next year,” he siad.

Rothenhoefer joined the club when Mitch Houle, NLA teacher and basketball coach, was managing it. 

“He started [coaching] basketball and didn’t want to do both, so he told me I could lead the club myself,” he said. “I’ve wanted to do weight lifting for a while before that point so it was perfect for me.”

If you would like to join the Weight Lifting Club, it is open to all and meets every Monday through Wednesday after school from 2:30 to 3:30 PM.

Here Comes the K-3 Musical!

By Lily Lachmiller

North Lakes Academy elementary students will perform their first-ever musical this spring. The play is Ba da Bing! It’s Spring! by Teresa Jennings and features grades K-3. It is directed by Abigail Conzett, the school’s music teacher.

“[It] tells the story of children (played by our third graders) who are tired of waiting for the flowers (played by our kindergarten and 1st graders) to pop up after the long winter. The dandelions (played by our second graders) are disliked for being weeds, but end up discovering how to get the flowers to bloom and save spring.”

While this will be the first musical NLA Elementary has ever done, it is not the first time that Conzett will be directing it. She produced the musical at the first school she worked at, and she is looking forward to seeing new students on the stage.

So far the rehearsals are going great. The kids have already learned three out of the five songs they need to know. The next step is to assign speaking parts to interested students.

“I love this musical, and I think it is a great introduction into musical theater for young singers. It is fun, silly, and, so far, they have all been rock stars in learning everything. I look forward to seeing how they progress and the great show they’ll deliver,” Conzett said.

Conzett is no stranger to the world of musicals.

“When I was in high school I participated in every spring musical our drama department put on and absolutely loved it,” she said.

If you would like to come support NLA Elementary, come to see Ba da Bing! It’s Spring on May 9th in the elementary gym. Time is currently to be determined; The Husky Press will update this information as soon as it is available.

Annual Cookie Sale Underway for NLA’s Girl Scouts

By Mae San Nicolas

March 18, 2024

Forest Lake, Minn. – Girl Scout Cookie Season has started in full force across the United States, with beloved flavors such as Thin Mints & Samoas making a return in 2024. 

For starters, not much has changed since last year, except the cost. Cookies have gone up in price by one dollar – your box of Thin Mints will run you $6 instead of $5. Shrinkflation has not come to the boxes, fortunately enough— the packages still contain the same amount of cookies as they did in the past, with the same great flavor. 

There are many places to find cookies. For starters, check outside your local stores for the trademark pop-up booths. You can find them outside any business; the Girl Scouts just have to ask if they can set up shop out front. The Forest Lake Wal-Mart is an excellent place to look. Another good place to buy cookies is from a specific Girl Scout you would like to support, such as a niece or sister; a new QR code system has been implemented where you can purchase directly from the individual by scanning. 

The sales of cookies fund multiple opportunities that give back to the community. Cookie sales provide Scouts with funding for field trips and trips to provide community service, like going to Feed My Starving Children. 

Unfortunately, cookie sales have been slow this year. According to Kassy Sjobolm (11) who has been a member of the Girl Scouts since kindergarten, she has only sold around 500 boxes as of right now. Compared to the past years, in which she has regularly sold 1000 boxes every season, this is a massive decrease in sales.

The sale runs through March 24th, so if you are craving a box of cookies some time this week and would like to support a fellow student at the same time, order cookies directly from Sjoblom using the QR code below.

Jack Johnson Shares Secrets for Hair Success

By Torra Berube

We all know Jack Johnson (11), and we all know his hair. Either up in his signature man bun or free and flowing, we’ve all wondered one thing at least once: What is Jack Johnson’s hair routine? Because NLA wants to know what makes his hair so luscious, Johnson shared his hair care routine secrets with The Husky Press in the Upstairs Commons last week.

HP: What shampoo and conditioner do you use?

JJ: I use Aveeno.

HP: Aveeno is an American made skin care and hair care brand. The most common use is their shampoo and conditioner, specifically their dandruff and oat milk, which is labeled as scalp-soothing. What made you start growing your hair out?

JJ: I don’t know, It just kind of happened.

HP: What other, if any, products do you use in your hair?

JJ: Sometimes I use hair masks. I’m looking for something to make it more radiant, more shiny. I also use cocoa butter.

HP: Some benefits of hair masks are diminished frizz, reduced hair damage, and softer hair. Some benefits of cocoa butter are repairing damaged hair and further preventing hair breakage. Jack, would you say that it’s easier or harder to maintain your hair?

JJ: It’s pretty easy.

HP: How often do you wash your hair?

JJ: At least every other day.

HP: The time when someone should wash their hair is different for each person. Some people tend to wash their hair every other day or even every two to three days. But a variety of factors can impact how often you should shampoo. They include age, ethnic background, hair length, hair type, and activity level. Do you use any curly hair products to make your hair more curly?

JJ: Nope, my curls are natural.

HP: Less than 20% of people have naturally curly hair. The percentage gets even smaller when you consider the guys out there who don’t embrace their curls. How much longer do you plan to grow it out?

JJ: I don’t know.

HP: Have you dyed your hair before, if not, would you?

JJ: I haven’t dyed my hair yet but I’ve been thinking about bleaching it; I think that would be kinda funny.

HP: If you were to get your haircut, how much would you want off?

JJ: Probably 8 inches.

HP: How often do you get your hair trimmed?

JJ: I don’t actually get my hair cut. My ends are pretty dead. 

HP: Those hair masks aren’t doing their job then… Opinion on claw clips?

JJ: Love them.

HP: Would you let someone style your hair? Such as boxer braids or a french braid?

JJ: Yes, yes

New Location for NLA 6-8 Ski Trip a Big Success

By Taven Berube and Kaylee Gohl

March 13, 2024

Forest Lake, Minn. – North Lakes Academy’s 7th and 8th graders went on their annual field trip to Trollhaugen Ski Resort in Dresser, Wisconsin, on February 14th, 2024. “This field trip allows students to get out of their comfort zones and try something new that only a few kids can do often because of expenses”, said Emily Thompson, NLA Spanish teacher and the organizer of the event.

On this field trip, there are many activities, and not all of them involve winter sports. Students can ski, snowboard, tube, and/or just hang out inside.  If they get tired of hitting the slopes, or if they do not want to ski or snowboard, students hang out inside, where they play games and talk with their friends. 

The location is a change from previous years.  NLA used to bring the students to Wild Mountain in Taylors Falls, Minnesota, but has found it easier to work with Trollhaugen’s management, Thompson said. 

Lots of organization was needed before the trip could occur. NLA staff sent out permission forms to parents that consisted of information about the trip as well as the required ski and snowboard rental forms. Closer to the date of this field trip, staff sent out emails to make sure they had the full head count of who was going so Trollhaugen could get the rental forms filled out.