Here Comes the K-3 Musical!

By Lily Lachmiller

North Lakes Academy elementary students will perform their first-ever musical this spring. The play is Ba da Bing! It’s Spring! by Teresa Jennings and features grades K-3. It is directed by Abigail Conzett, the school’s music teacher.

“[It] tells the story of children (played by our third graders) who are tired of waiting for the flowers (played by our kindergarten and 1st graders) to pop up after the long winter. The dandelions (played by our second graders) are disliked for being weeds, but end up discovering how to get the flowers to bloom and save spring.”

While this will be the first musical NLA Elementary has ever done, it is not the first time that Conzett will be directing it. She produced the musical at the first school she worked at, and she is looking forward to seeing new students on the stage.

So far the rehearsals are going great. The kids have already learned three out of the five songs they need to know. The next step is to assign speaking parts to interested students.

“I love this musical, and I think it is a great introduction into musical theater for young singers. It is fun, silly, and, so far, they have all been rock stars in learning everything. I look forward to seeing how they progress and the great show they’ll deliver,” Conzett said.

Conzett is no stranger to the world of musicals.

“When I was in high school I participated in every spring musical our drama department put on and absolutely loved it,” she said.

If you would like to come support NLA Elementary, come to see Ba da Bing! It’s Spring on May 9th in the elementary gym. Time is currently to be determined; The Husky Press will update this information as soon as it is available.

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