What is the NLA School Board?

By Ryan Yang

Forest Lake, Minn. – Many people have heard of the NLA School Board, but not everyone knows what it does.  The NLA School Board is a group of parents, teachers, community members, and administrators who manage the finances and make policies for the school. 

The board has four cabinet positions; these are leadership roles within the board, according to Board Chair Doug Hine. The four cabinet positions are Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer. The chair leads the meetings and sets the plan. The vice chair assists the chair in their role. The secretary sends the plan to the public and takes notes that they send to the public. The treasurer looks over the budget and manages it.

There are different kinds of seats on the Board, and these can only be filled by certain people.  The parent seats are held by Doug Hine, Anna Hassmann, and Emma Fisher. The community seat is held by Chris Dale. Teacher seats are held by Jeff Rapp, Allison Tucker, Laura Delvillar, and Mitch Houle.  Cecelia Dodge, the school’s Executive Director, also sits on the Board as a non-voting member.

Board Meetings are open to the public; they can be attended by everyone.  The group meets on the third Monday of every month at the NLA Upper School in Room 203.

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