Former NLA Teachers Finding Their Way

By Katy Kempf

Due to budget cuts and teachers moving up to NLA’s high school building, two teachers, Mrs. Schlag and Ms. Weaving, were let go last semester. Here is how their lives have been like since then.

Mrs. Schlag is doing well, having found a temporary job as a substitute teacher until a full time Spanish teacher position opens up. She misses her old coworkers and students.

 “It was nice to be part of an awesome community,” she said. So far, none of her interests have changed since being let go. She has been working on a book, and is nearing the halfway point of her first draft. She and her family are planning to go on a cruise sometime in 2026, and it’ll be her first ever cruise.

Ms. Weaving is also doing well, jumping between different substitute teacher positions. She misses her former students here.

 “Every student is so unique, funny, and kind that you left such a lasting impression on me,” she said. 

She also misses her colleagues, though she keeps in touch with a lot of them. Her interests haven’t changed, though she stopped a lot of them when everything was going down. She has found a new interest in going on long walks with her dog, Izzy. An interesting thing that’s happened to her is that she went to a music conference in February and was surprised at how many connections she had made with other educators and music store workers.

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