Life of a Multi-Sport Athlete

By Kaden Hine

Tanner Rosenthal is an eleventh grade student at North Lakes Academy. He is also a part-time PSEO student, takes part in AP classes, and plays multiple sports. Today, I interviewed him to get an inside scoop on what the life of a multi-sport athlete is like, both in sports and out.

Kaden: First question: Who has supported you the most while playing sports?

Tanner: My parents

Kaden: Great. Next question: What are the sports that you play?

Tanner: I run cross country, I play baseball, and I run track.

Kaden: Do you have a favorite (sport)?

Tanner: Nah, they’re even.

Kaden: They are all even? Every single sport?

Tanner: Uh, Baseball and cross country are tied.

Kaden: Ok. Next question: What was your favorite moment while playing sports?

Tanner: Probably hitting a home run at 11-U traveling.

Kaden: Was it a close game?

Tanner: No

Kaden: No? Were you up or down?

Tanner: We were down. It was for Andover and we lost to Forest Lake.

Kaden: Ok, Next question: How much sleep do you get per night during the sports seasons?

Tanner: Like 6 ½, 7 hours.

Kaden: That’s good. That’s pretty good for being a PSEO (student) and sports player.

Tanner: It’s not bad

Kaden: One of my last questions: Where is your favorite place to run?

Tanner: I like to run on the Hardwood Creek Trail, the North South Trail in Forest Lake.

Kaden: Do you like it  hot or cold (when you run)?

Tanner: Definitely cold. Like a lot better than hot.

Kaden: That’s it.

Tanner: Thanks for having me!

Kaden: Of course! Thanks for letting me interview you.

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